Fan-girl Ramblings #21 – 2014: The Year of SM Scandals


For those of you who follow Korean entertainment news, you probably all know about the crazy-looney-town that’s going on at SM Entertainment this year. Yesterday news broke out that Luhan, one of the Chinese members of EXO-M filed a lawsuit to nullify his contract with the company. Needless to say this was both shocking and yet also not that shocking at the same time for many reasons. Earlier this year it started off with Kris of EXO-M who also filed a lawsuit to cancel his contract, Sulli’s dating scandal with Choiza leading her to go on hiatus, which ended up cancelling F(x)’s promotions early, and just recently Jessica being kicked out of Girl’s Generation. Now we have Luhan’s lawsuit… things at SM sure have been going bonkers. I wasn’t originally planning to write about these matters because it’s a sensitive topic for a lot of fans and I really don’t know any more than any of the other people writing and commenting on the matter. Somehow my friends convinced me to do so anyway haha.

I won’t go to into too many details but I’ll give my two cents on the matter. Regarding the artists that are leaving SM right and left, I’d say “Good for them!” with two big thumbs up. For me if you’re working in a company and you’re not happy, if you have that option to leave, than why wouldn’t you? I saw it that way for everyone, JYJ, Han Geng, Kris and now Luhan. For the fans that ask “What about the rest of the band members, the brotherhood??” Let’s be real here, not everyone is best friends with each other and heck some probably don’t even get along. Think about it, are you super close and best friends with everyone at school or at work? Heck no, and I’m sure there are people you don’t like either (be honest!), it works the same way in every industry including entertainment. For me, even if I was happy with my colleagues but the working conditions or environment was terrible enough, I would eventually leave too. Some fans complain that they’re being selfish and greedy. Um, we’re all a bit selfish deep down aren’t we? We are all humans and we’re not perfect, remember that. At the end of the day, if other people aren’t going to be looking out for your best interests, then YOU have that responsibility upon yourself to do what is best for you. It’s pretty simple logic. Considering the kind of conditions that K-pop idols are constantly working under in general not just SM, I would have jetted ages ago.

Regarding Jessica being kicked out of Girls Generation, I thought it was poor judgement on SM’s part in the timing of removing Jessica from the group. I mean, if you’re really gonna kick the girl out, you should have done it later on say after the fan meeting? From what I saw in the news, Jessica was rushing back in time to join the other girls for the fan meeting in China and you suddenly tell her she’s no longer a part of the group? That’s really absurd. It made it really awkward for the other girls too, who were questioned by the media regarding the matter and it just made the fan-meet in China very awkward and solemn according to fans who attended it. SM, that’s just bad marketing and whoever is handling the PR for the company is doing a terrible job, just sayin.

Anyways whenever there’s news and scandals, my friends and I like to have lengthy discussions on the matter with our own personal opinions. My friend Ann thought it would be insightful for me to post our conversation about Luhan we had last night on my blog and so here it is for your enjoyment!


 Me: OMG I was so right LMAOOO!! (I previously predicted that Luhan would be next person in the next SM scandal)

Ann: Hahaha OMG

Me: Sad to say I feel like this isn’t the end of it… like I think more people will leave and continue to leave. Good for him, I’m glad he’s putting his health first too.

Me: It’s gonna be all a racist debate again lol against Chinese ppl I know it

Ann: Yup

Me: Oh well just like Kris, Luhan’s fan base in China is no joke, he’s the most popular out of EXO-M in China. He’ll still have a career regardless if he still wants to be in the entertainment biz

Me: LMAOOO I saw this on my Twitter: New Luhan and Kris duo unit called Ludakris

Me: Oh Lay just updated his Weibo showing his support for Luhan.

Me: Oh and Lay wrote “ge men” which is plural for brothers, so is he referring to Kris or other members that may wanna leave later? People are arguing that he only wrote ge or brother

Ann: So how come it’s “good-bye brother, let’s perform together again” for him but Kris only got hate from the rest of the group?

Ann: I mean initially. All Kris got was hate and unfollowing lol

Me: They translated it wrong

Me: Wait lemme confirm… lol as my Chinese isn’t that good either but from what I remember from Mandarin class adding the “men” at the end of a word makes it plural lol

Me: Because he wrote 哥们 (ge men) ge = brother

Ann: Fannie you’re so funny and awesome. You are the one who gets the translating done for us. I like the bit in the article that says fans have good instincts

Me: LOL so I just disrupted my mom watching dramas and she said I was right “men” does mean plural she said he could be referring to 2 or even 3 or more hahaha

Me: So yeah those ppl translated WRONG again. So yes he wrote BROTHERS… either referring to Luhan and Kris or another person who may wanna leave??

Ann: I like the Ludakris group name haha

Me: For some reason I feel like Lay could be the next to leave… I know when I used to follow EXO more Lay got injured a lot and he said he was depressed on EXO Showtime… and yeah he’s pretty popular in China too lol as he used to be a child star back then

Me: Oh new article came out (link)

Me: And the reasons for leaving are the same as for everyone else again too…

Ann: Yup they are. Could have seen that one coming. I still feel bad that Kris took the lead and received the brunt of the hate from members and fans. It’s just that the foreigners have more guts to stand up for themselves. Probably cause they also have the foreign market and know that there is more to their future than a boyband/girlband

Me: Yeah foreign members always get the shorter end of the stick

Me: LOL and he’s also using the same lawyer as Kris and Han Geng… this lawyer must be so famous now and making the $$

Me: I see this problem everywhere, overworking and the cause of those car accidents all the time

Ann: Yeah I read that. And also that they’ve rejected offers for him to do activities

Me: Exactly the same thing as Kris and Han Geng yep…

Me: This is so true!! — In terms of individual opportunities in Korea, there is an obvious discrimination towards the different nationalities. It is also highlightable that when EXO promotes on shows, the Korean members get a significantly longer screen time than their Chinese counterparts.

Me: LOL I told CC before I was surprised the Chinese members got to even promote in Korea

Ann: Yup. No surprises there. If you’re gonna recruit foreigners in the first place them treat them equally, otherwise don’t bother at all if you’re just gonna discriminate

Me: Yeah I was so surprised before EXO-M got to promote in Korea and go on shows lol cuz in the past like SJ-M they were exclusive to only in China and other foreign countries

Ann: Yeah, I was surprised too. But they still don’t get as much exposure. I think that separating them in groups in the first place only calls for discrimination to happen.

Me: LOL on twitter this is trending now #alwayssupportluhan

Me: Kris is also trending too hahaha

Me: I think out of all the foreigners Nichkhun is probably the most famous and gets the most opportunities out of everyone even the Korean artists lol

Ann: Yeah he does

Me: I think Kris is getting more support now too with Luhan

Ann: That’s good!

Me: I wonder what’s gonna happen to EXO-M they just lost their lead Chinese vocalist of the group and Kris used to be the leader of EXO-M

Me: Oh SM just released their official statement on the matter

Me: LOL pretty much they’re trying to make themselves look like they were “wronged” and Luhan was just greedy… AGAIN

Me: Of course SM of course lol… wouldn’t have expected any less lol

Ann: Wow, yeah I just read that. What a bunch of BS, as from SJ clues they already knew this was coming

Me: LOL yeah it was obvious ppl inside already knew this was bound to happenAnd what strings being pulled are they referring to??

Ann: I know right? So they have some sort of other backing huh? Wow, shouldn’t SM know if their artists are under someone other agency?

Ann: I got it, it must be Jackie Chan doing it. You know, so his boy band has a better chance at the market LOL

Me: LMAOOOO yeah it’s all Jackie Chan’s fault hahahaha

Ann:  Blame everything on Jackie Chan!!

Ann: Or maybe it’s Tyler Kwon pulling the strings. Blame it all on Tyler Kwon

Me: LMAOOOOOOOO we’re starting our own rumors hahaha

Ann: Let’s do that

Me: Ya maybe it’s Tyler and EGG (Emperor Entrainment Group) and got the triads in HK involved lmao

Ann: Oooh yeah, it’s the triads. And Jackie Chan is secretly the head of the triads, even though he always makes movies about fighting the triads

Me: Ann u just wanna troll ppl LOL

Ann: Because that’s what it is now, just a big joke. SM is so screwed

Me: LOL man it’s only Oct… there’s still 2 more months what else is gonna happen hahaha

Ann: I’m calling for their only whole group left, Shinee to get screwed over.

Me: LOL I predict at least one more EXO lawsuit… most likely a Chinese member hahaha either before the end of the year or early next year LMAO

Me: Maybe all the Chinese members should just quit and start their own group in China lol

Ann: Yeah they should. They should call themselves EXIT



Ann: I think if they have one more scandal, SM is screwed and gonna have to sell or close down lol

Me: I think Kris helped to pave the way this yr and more and more ppl are having the courage to leave the hell hole that is SM

Ann: Yeah. Even if he got a lot of hate, good for him. He’s better off now anyway. I read that when his version of “Time Boils the Rain” came out on the Chinese site, the views were super high in just a couple days.

Me: Damn within 15 mins of Luhan’s news its dropped 60 million USD

Me: I wonder if Sulli will leave too after her hiatus

Ann: Sulli probably will leave. She’ll probably just never come back and then the end of her contract

Me: Then it’s a possibility Jessica will leave too even before the end of her contract… lol tell Tyler Kwon to buy out SM

Ann: Hahaha that would be sooo funny if he did

Ann: I just read this comment on soompi LOL “SM is running out of idols to cover up scandals with. Pretty soon the managers will be debuting tbh. “

Me: LOL I saw an article how SJ joked how Siwon is rich enough to buy out SM hahahaha

Me: LMAOOO I saw that comment too about the managers… lol hey some idol managers are pretty good looking too

Ann: Yeah I read that too. He could probably buy them out LOL

Ann: But the Running Man VJs and managers would make a hell of a lot better of a group

Me: LOL he comes a rich family background anyways he doesn’t need to go work hahaha

Me: I just saw this comment: My prediction is that Lay will be the next one to go. Him and Luhan were so closely knitted. But not because of that. Tao will stay strong for a while. But if he decides to stay, the remaining 3 members will join EXO-K and rebrand as just EXO a 9 member group.

Ann: Yeah hahaha which is probably why he doesn’t really worry. Plus even now with his popularity and wealth he could easily leave

Me: I think if its another Chinese member it’d be Lay as well… Tao will probably stick it out longer

Me: LOL yeah he makes so much money too from his own CFs and constantly working overseas

Ann: Yeah seems like it. But Tao will eventually leave cause he’ll see being the only Chinese left and how crappy he’s treated

Ann:  Siwon is ALWAYS abroad

Me: And he’s close with Jackie Chan

Me: He’s got so many outside connections geez even if he didn’t come from a good background he’d still survive

Me: Yeah and from the Showtime Lay always seemed unhappy too… plus his constant injuries as mentioned above before

Ann: Yeah Siwon definitely could. He could start his own company. And don’t forget, he’s friends with triad leader Jackie Chan ahahaha

Me: UNLESS SM suddenly decides to change and offer them better things to keep them

Me: LMAO I literally LOL’ed out loud at ur comment

Me: LMAOOO u know actually it might be Jackie Chan pulling the strings… I rmb for JC’s big 60th birthday party/concert he only invited a select few Korean artists… only Siwon was invited,  EXO-M and actress Kim Hee Sun

Ann: Hahahaha yeah and Han Geng was there too

Ann: Sneeeaaky Jackie…bahahaha

Ann: I can see Jackie doing his laugh too

Ann: Now let’s go spread our “suspicions” LMBO


Me: This comment so true: What SM fails to realize is that even if we don ‘t know all the details that are involved we have been spectators and we have seen Luhan look almost like a walking dead and yet still dedicated to his work. If he can’t take it any more and doesn’t want to be in SM any more. I think that is a valid reason to sue to be released from a contract. His life and how he lives it, to him it is more precious than Your contact and company will ever be SM. You used him to build you company and image, he has had enough. SM man up, have some dignity and let everything end with everyone being left unharmed. Do not try to cast the blame here or there just handle your issues and let the man start over his life. His fault or your fault, if Luhan wants to go. Let him go. Let him go without this disgrace.

Me: I know right… u can see from videos of Luhan during concerts he’s practically on the brink of death but he’s still pushing himself to continue

Ann: Yeah, they should just let him go quietly without all the fuss. I think if they even gave him that much, fans wouldn’t be as angry.

Me: LOL at this comment!!! — How long will it take SM to realize that playing the victim isn’t working? It’s clear that nobody believes the bullshit they’re spewing, so why are they still trying? Seriously, you know there’s something wrong when 13 year old fangirls have more balls then this company. They need to man up and apologize for all the mistakes they’ve made.

Me: LOL I don’t think Chinese ppl or other foreigners will ever wanna audition for SM ever again… and if there r trainees left LEAVE NOW haha


Ann: They certainly have a thing for treating their foreigners poorly

Ann: All these fans keep saying they’re just using SM and then bolting once they get popular. Ummm have they not seen how many mega stars China has who haven’t trained with a Korean company? They don’t need Korea to make it big.

Me: I know that’s so dumb! And to Luhan’s defense he was the one who got SCOUTED by SM while he was shopping in Myeongdong and it just so happened he’s always wanted to be a singer

Ann: Yeah I read a comment about that. So it’s not like he went to them first.

Me: I saw a comment someone wrote saying that “These 2, Luhan and Kris think they have the balls to actually make it on their own” Gee, you don’t know how popular they r in China and China has a lot of ppl man…

Me: Haha my mom said one town in China is already bigger than the entire population of Canada hahaha

Ann: LOL yeah

Ann: Well Tokyo’s population is a third of Canada’s population already. And you can put Japan into Canada about 27 times!

Me: I saw someone wrote Luhan will be joining Kris in his movie… wonder if that’s true

Ann: I doubt it. Unless it’s a whole new movie, since Kris is already in the middle of that other one.

Ann: Maybe Jessica will be in the movie too

Me: Maybe another movie or that fan is trolling and making stuff up like how we were with Jackie and Tyler lmao

Me: Ohh and Han Geng!! LMAOOOO

Ann: It’s the movie of “The Making of FKSM”

Me: They should like star in a movie based “loosely” on their life at SM

Me: I can write the script!

Ann: So I guess if Han Geng is in it too, they need to have guest appearances from JYJ

Ann: Hahaha that would be so funny

Me: LOL I can see already… how they were in a 12 group band called DEXO… and Han Geng in a group called BIG BABIES (aka Super Junior)


Ann: You so need to pitch that script to someone. I’m sure Jackie Chan will produce it for you

Me: LOL I know right hahahahaha

Ann: But I think it’d have to be a drama since it takes place over a longer time and there has to be A LOT of DRAMA in it

Me: Yeah I’m more of a drama girl too, lol I need tons of DRAMA!!

Ann: What about Jessica’s group name?

Ann: I wanna see some slapping going on in your drama

Me: How one of the DEXO members has a dating scandal with Girls Exploitation


Ann: LMBOOO!!!! That’s so awesome

Ann: OMG you need to write it out on your blog at least bahahaha

Me: LMAO I should post this convo on the blog maybe haha

Ann: You should!!



8 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #21 – 2014: The Year of SM Scandals

  1. Allow me to add to your story. Not only is Jackie Chan the one pulling the strings, but he’s the head of the triad ring and Choi Siwon is his inside guy at SM. Their plot is to bring down SM low enough so that Siwon can easily buy out SM to become the CEO/owner etc. JC wants to get a firm footing in the Korean market. Little do they know that Siwon is also actually JC illegitimate son from Jackie’s flings.

    Some think this is a plot to take over the Korean Entertainment industry and make big bucks, but the real plan JC has is to create a new brand of secretly trained, kung fu fighting boy bands. Not only will they have total mind control over silly, crazy teenage and adolescent girs, but they will use these boys to infiltrate the Korean military, to discover Korean and American military secrets. The power is in the rage and obsession of young girls, who will become the greatest “man power” as we know it. Not only do they have stealth in stalking people, but they also have the ability to find small details the average citizen cannot see. They are meticulous and have the ability to operate at the speed of light if so called upon by their oppars.

    *Disclaimer: This is simply “fanfic” for the reader’s enjoyment. Any claims of defamation with therefore be ignored and invalid. Please feel free to the absurdness.

      • Hahaha once you get going, it comes pretty easy. I’ve never thought of it before. But this sorta just all came LOL

    • I used to love writing fan-fictions a lot when I was younger, but now that I’m older I can’t just write so easily and freely like I used too. Need to start writing some more and practice again. LOL we need to collaborate someday haha

      • We so should. Just like there are a ton of fake “news” sites out there and dumb people believe them, we should create one with fake stories for the Korean/Chinese entertainment industry LOL

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