You’re My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: The Sunshine Award


There’s a blogging award going around in the blogosphere called The Sunshine Award and I’ve been nominated by Indigo of Between the Wor(L)ds. I’ve only been blogging for less than a year, but I’m really happy to be nominated!! The Sunshine Award is for recognizing bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. I’m so honored, so THANK YOU Indigo 😀


– Thank the person who nominated you

– Answer the questions from the person who nominated you

– Nominate a few other bloggers

– Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated

– Notify the bloggers on their blog

– Put the award button on your blog



1. Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows or Kim Woo Bin without his deep voice – which version of him would you choose?

Kim Woo Bin is all about his trademark eyebrows! I think a lot of Korean actors have sexy deep voices or just in general really nice manly speaking voices (gosh what do they eat??) so Woo Bin’s eyebrows definitely help him to stand out. For me personally I have a thing for voices, so I’d choose his deep voice over his eyebrows.


2. Choose a K-pop song to describe how you feel about your favourite K-drama actor/K-pop bias. (Feel free to include a line or two from the lyrics to further explain your choice.)

I have so many K-drama actor and K-pop biases so I won’t list them all here. I’m more of a 1st and 2nd generation K-pop fan but it wasn’t till I discovered DBSK/TVXQ that I became a completely crazy K-pop fan. So naturally I chose an old DBSK/TVXQ song 믿어요 (Believe). The lyrics include “I believe in you, I will send all my feelings for you through the way I look at you, do you know how my heart feels?” I love the lyrics and it expresses my feelings towards my biases minus the keeping my feelings hidden. Fan-girls don’t hide their love, it’s in our blood.

3. Pick two drama titles and mash them into one. Briefly explain the premise of this mash-up drama. (e.g. The Heirs From The Stars)

Surplus Princess’s Discovery of Love. This would be the sequel to TVN’s Surplus Princess which ended last week to a WTF?? and extremely rushed ending. In the sequel, Ha Ni has returned and is reunited with Hyun Myung again as a couple. Ha Ni joins the rest of the crew working at JH. Over time, Ha Ni and Hyun Myung’s relationship becomes rocky and she also discovers that Shi Kyung still has feelings for her. In the end, Ha Ni has to choose between her first love or her current love. I know a sequel will never happen because the drama itself was cut down from 14 to 10 episodes (due to low ratings) and the ending left everyone clueless. If I could take matters into my own hands, then this is the kind of sequel I would want, with a more definite ending and answers that the drama did not give us!

Bz3C_NtCcAAOAdI Bz3C65RCcAEFvtpdiscoveryoflove discovery-of-love

4. You’re going to noraebang (karaoke) with your Korean friends. It’s your turn to sing, what song will you pick? (It has to be a Korean song)

I occasionally go to karaoke with my friends and I do sing some Korean songs but the place I go to doesn’t have a huge Korean selection. The usual ones I sing are Se7en’s LaLaLa and Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin) and Junsu’s Timeless. However if I could chose any song, I would pick Infinite’s 내꺼하자 (Be Mine). My friend always sings Infinite song’s whenever we do go karaoke and that’s my favorite song. It’s super catchy and fun to sing. I’m not really an Infinite fan but I do know know the ones who act in dramas like L, Hoya and recently Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun in High School: Love On (which is a really cute drama btw!).

5. Pick three Korean male celebrities of your choice….Okay, ready? Now highlight the hidden text in the following brackets: (Let’s play a round of Kiss, Marry, Kill. Out of these three celebrities, who will you kiss, who will you marry and who will you kill? Let the games begin, muahahahahahaa XD)

Oh my gosh I just died laughing because the order of actors I listed in my head is the exact order of who I would kiss, marry, and kill. My three male Korean celebrities I listed was Park Seo Joon, Yoo Yun Seok and Lee Jong Suk. I would kiss Park Seo Joon, come on that’s a no brainer. Have you seen the end of episode 2 of Witch’s Romance? I would marry Yoo Yeon Suk, as much as I love my dongsaengs I think in the end I do want an oppa to marry. I’ve been watching Youth Over Flowers a reality show starring 3 of the Reply 1994 boys Baro, Son Ho Joon and my Chilbongie on a trip to Laos. YYS is a very detailed guy and he knows how to take care of others really well, which is shown throughout their trip. I’m not a detailed person, so I’d love a guy who knows how to take care of the details and can take the lead. YYS also has a lot of hobbies, the man makes his own furniture and soaps! Dude, a guy who is handy with tools and can help around the house is a major turn on. Plus he doesn’t drink or smoke, which is a really big plus. Now that leaves poor Lee Jong Suk, I adore the boy but out of the 3 he has to be sacrificed (also maybe because Doctor Stranger drove me bonkers and I always had a headache trying to watch it).


6. Which drama do you think would be more interesting to watch if all the leading female characters were male and vice versa?

I thought about this question for a while and then I glanced down to your 7th question. I would say Boys Over Flowers? 4 gorgeous rich girls and a cute, optimistic but poor guy? Hmm that’s something to definitely ponder over. It’s very rare to find many poor guy/rich girl dramas. Frankly I’m tired of the jerky chaebols and the poor girl candy type dramas, so a reversal would definitely be more refreshing.


7. Who do you think was a better boyfriend: Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers or Kim Tan from The Heirs? Or rather, who was worse?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched Boys Over Flowers so my memory of it isn’t as clear, but I’ve always preferred the second lead character Ji Hoo or Hua Ze Lei/Hanazawa Rui/Duanmu Lei from the Taiwan/Japan/China versions (Yes I did watch all 4!!). So I’d pick Kim Tan over Gu Jun Pyo. Kim Tan was very borderline creepy stalkerish but he really loved Eun Sang enough that he would give up everything he had for her (even though he didn’t really need to in the end). Gu Jun Pyo I just remember as someone who had some anger issues and very immature, so Kim Tan wins this round.


8. Finish this sentence: A K-drama is not a K-drama without…

A K-drama is not a K-drama without the infamous piggy back ride! Whether the female lead is drunk, asleep or somehow hurt her foot/leg, be sure our male lead will be there to transport her via his back. This is also the time where the lead guy will complain about how “heavy” or “fat” she is, when she clearly isn’t.


BONUS QUESTION! (You get a cookie if you answer this one)

9. Do you watch The Walking Dead? (I could really use myself a Walking Dead buddy, none of my friends watch the show and I have nobody to share my impressions of the season 5 premiere :P)

I’m so sorry Indigo, I haven’t watched any English or American shows in the longest time, except for the occasional reality/talent show such as The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, Cake Boss, etc. Do I still get a cookie? 😛



Mimi – The Talking Cupboard

JK and Only – Noonas Over Forks

OCDDee – Obsessive Compulsive K-drama-watching Disorder

I also welcome anyone else who would like to answer these questions in the comment section below if you do not have a blog.


1. If you could chose to play any character in a Korean drama, who would it be and why?

2. List your TOP 3 dramas of all time and briefly explain why you love them.

3. Let’s say there’s going to be drama or film made based on your life, which actor would you want to play YOU in the drama/film?

4. Describe the perfect date with your ultimate K-drama actor/K-pop bias (or any celebrity you prefer).

5. You’re the script writer and casting director for a new upcoming drama, who would you cast in your drama (OTP, secondary/supporting actors, etc.) and give a brief synopsis of the what the drama will be about.

6. How has watching Korean dramas and/or listening to K-pop changed your life?

7. Have you ever had second lead syndrome? Who’s your favorite second lead and why? If you could create a spinoff drama based on his character, who would you cast as his leading lady?

8. I have a giant sweet tooth. If you could be any dessert what would it be and why?


11 thoughts on “You’re My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: The Sunshine Award

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  2. Thank you for the nomination! We were fortunate enough to be nominated twice previously for the Sunshine Award, so I fear that it would seem like showing off if we were to accept it a third time. However, these questions are great, and I definitely want to answer them, regardless.

    1. If you could choose to play any character in a Korean drama, who would it be and why?
    I would love to play Cheon Song Yi from “My Love From the Stars”, because I would get to act like an epic drunk, and wear amazing designer clothes.

    2. List your TOP 3 dramas of all time and briefly explain why you love them.
    “First Shop of Coffee Prince”, “King of High School Savvy”, and “I Hear Your Voice”. They each have their own unique charms, but in all cases, there was amazing chemistry between the leads, and dreamy kissing scenes. Really, I could go on, but I’ll stay brief.

    3. Let’s say there’s going to be drama or film made based on your life, which actor would you want to play YOU in the drama/film?
    I would want Lee Jong Suk to play me, because he is way prettier than me. It doesn’t even matter that he is not the same sex as me.

    4. Describe the perfect date with your ultimate K-drama actor/K-pop bias (or any celebrity you prefer).
    Gong Yoo would take me around Seoul. We would eat some fantastic food, go to a bar, then I would get drunk, and he would piggyback me home. We also came up with other dream date scenarios:

    5. You’re the script writer and casting director for a new upcoming drama, who would you cast in your drama (OTP, secondary/supporting actors, etc.) and give a brief synopsis of the what the drama will be about.
    We have a whole list of buddy movie scenarios that I think would translate equally well to TV at

    6. How has watching Korean dramas and/or listening to K-pop changed your life?
    I started learning Korean and a blog to mitigate the guilt of spending so much of my free time in front of a screen.

    7. Have you ever had second lead syndrome? Who’s your favorite second lead and why? If you could create a spinoff drama based on his character, who would you cast as his leading lady?
    We love the other man! See In call cases, I want Yoon Eun Hye as the leading lady, because she’s a fantastic kisser.

    8. I have a giant sweet tooth. If you could be any dessert what would it be and why?
    I would rather eat a dessert than be one, in which case, pass the pie. Pastry in combination with a gooey apple or blueberry filling is a fantastic mix of textures.

    Thanks, again, blacksesame88, for the nomination!

  3. So I wasn’t exactly nominated cause I don’t keep a blog (well, I do, but not this type and not frequently), but I’m answering the questions as requested. Sorry, my answers are kinda long. I won’t write the questions down.

    1. If I could play any drama character it would be Kim Hang Ah (played by Ha Ji Wn) from The King 2 Hearts. This has nothing to do with the fact that Ji Won is my favourite actress, but rather because Hang Ah is my favourite female character from all dramas I’ve seen. She’s totally kick-ass and tough, but with a touch of a softer feminine side as well. She thinks logically and with her heart, rather than just heart or just logic.She’s fearless and doesn’t get pushed around by people and neither is she desperate or indecisive. I think her character is someone all girls should strive to be more like if we are talking about drama characters. She didn’t need a man to save her or make her feel complete. Instead, she and the male lead Lee Jae Ha (played by Lee Seung Gi) complemented each other and built up each other’s weaknesses (although Hang Ah definitely did more for Jae Ha).

    2. I swear, my answers really have nothing to do with Ha Ji Won being my favourite. It just happens that she was in my top three dramas. In order of when I saw them (I can’t decide which is my favourite) they are:

    1) Secret Garden
    This was the first full drama I had watched in a long time, and the first of K-dramas that I actually liked. There was a mixture of everything in it, from action, comedy, fantasy, to (melo) drama. Like most comedies, it started out funny and light-hearted, then became more serious. They still managed to keep the comedy in it though.The secondary characters were likeable, aside from Joo Won’s evil mother (who’s part was played well). The story line was also easy to follow and there were no real WTF? moments. The arrogant chaebol wasn’t even bad at all either like they usually are, but rather quite hilarious and likeable. This is also one of the few dramas I’ve seen where all story lines were wrapped up, with the producers almost devoting an entire episode to the stories after the problems are resolved and we got to see their progression afterwards when they finally got together for good.

    2) The King 2 Hearts
    This drama had me in awe and feeling skeptical about watching other dramas after this for a long time. Again, it had a mix of comedy, action, and drama. I’d say it was probably the drama with some of the best acting I’ve seen, even from Lee Seung Gi. Episode 19 was his moment. Even the Caucasian actors, who are usually just terrible, weren’t so bad in this. Definitely the best I’ve seen in K-dramas with regards to foreigners acting. The drama kept you on your toes in terms of story line. The bad guys played their parts so well. The side stories were interesting and moving, as opposed to just another cute love story. What I liked most about this drama however, was that it went far beyond just another love story. The political an moral issues raised really made you think deeper, and the love story between the leads played a greater role in the over all scheme of things. This was the first drama where I was truly moved and actually bawled my eyes out during an episode (actually more than once).

    3) Empress Ki
    What can I say? Everything about this drama was near perfection. The costumes and small attention to details, the cinematography and sets, the musical scores/sound tracks, and most importantly the actors. The acting in this drama was no joke. The actors could really move you, even the “bad guys”. I mean, how many dramas are able to make viewers ship the bad guy with the heroine? Sure, there were a few small flaws in the story line, and yes, it wasn’t exactly like history, but it was meant to be a “depiction” based on historical events. Even the caption at the beginning of episodes mentioned that it was not all historically accurate. Since there actually isn’t much information on the real Empress Ki herself, I think it was fine for the writers to play around with the script. They did a wonderful job with it. Although the story didn’t go how I would have preferred it to, I wasn’t angry, surprised, or disappointed. I expected it and knew it’d end that way. I had the longest withdrawal symptoms with this drama, maybe because it had 51 episodes and I spent almost 8 months invested in it. Truthfully, it didn’t seem that long to me anyway.

    3. If there was a film made about my life, I’d like to say that I’d like Ha Ji Won to play me because she’s so versatile, but I’m gonna go with Kim Seul Gi. I think she matches my personality more and she’s a pretty good actress too. I think she could portray my life to be much more interesting than it actually is.

    4. I love Hyun Bin. I admit it. He’s just too fine of a specimen. But I don’t think I’d match him and I’d probably just gawk at his perfection. Sooo…I’m gonna go with FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon. I think it’d be fun to be noona, and Hoonie seems funny and playful. Have you seen him on Weekly Idol? Hilarious. I think the perfect date for me is not a romantic one, but rather a fun one. We’d just hang out somewhere like an amusement park (I know, sounds so cliche but I actually love amusement parks) or fair, or maybe just an ice cream shop, or go fishing (he loves fishing and I thoroughly enjoy it too!). I think with Jong Hoon it’d be fun just to do random things and hang out.

    5. I want to relive my OTP of Ha Ji Won and Hyung Bin, but I think Secret Garden was perfect for me and the ending was very satisfying so I don’t want to ruin it, unless it was just a drama reversing their roles. think it’d also be hilarious to see them in the roles of Oska and director Yoon Seul.
    So, I’m gonna go with a drama where Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo end up together (my Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang ship stills sails and I wanna see them together, poor Wang Yoo T__T ). It’ll be another saeguk and have a similar story line to their story at the beginning of Empress Ki, and they would overcome all obstacles to end up together. I will not even have a second male lead to butt in. Ji Won would not lose her kick-assness either. I’ll have her as a fighter through to the end.

    6. Since watching K-dramas, I’ve mostly only watched Korean entertainment. I’ve lost most of my interest in North American shows, but also in part due to the fact that I don’t have access to them now. As for K-pop, I don’t listen to it much. I’m very strict with what I categorize as k-pop. I love OSTs (which I keep categorized as OSTs or ballads), and CN BLUE (which I don’t consider pure k-pop, but rather K-rock/pop and J-rock). Also, I don’t consider FT Island as k-pop anyway. They are K-rock/J-rock. I love OSTs for their deeper meaning and poetic feel.

    7. Second lead syndrome. Haven’t we all had it before? My favourite would be Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful, and Park Se Joo from Marry Him If You Dare. Both played by Jung Yong Hwa. Um, yeah, both characters were like perfection: sweet, kind, caring, considerate, NOT jerks, etc. I could go on. If I could create a spinoff of both characters of course I would cast MYSELF as their leading ladies!

    8. If I were a dessert I would be a fresh cream cake with fruits on top. You get the satisfaction of cake that’s not too sweet, and the fresh taste of fruits.

    Thanks again blacksesame for suggesting I fill this out. I never really thought to write out fully how I felt about some of these things.

    • Thanks for answering my questions! I’m glad you had fun answering them. LOL I totally knew Ha Ji Won was going to be in a few of your answers. I also would want Kim Seul Gi to play me as well in a drama.

  4. Bahahah congrats my dear!! And thanks, I am honoured to be mentioned in this post 😉 Infinite rocks and will forever be one of my favourite kpop groups. I’m gonna try to get a travel blog up and running and you’re gonna be linked!!

    • Thanks love! If you can and have the time you should answer some of the questions too, or even the ones I answered myself like the Woo Bin questions keke! Cool, look forward to seeing it!

  5. Yay, you answered my questions!

    Oh god, the way you described Yoo Yun Suk there really makes me want to marry him too. I guess, we have a similar taste in guys (just like with Park Seo Joon) because I’d also love a detailed guy who can take care of important matters, coz I always fail at that. I should really watch Youths Over Flowers now, I wonder, does it have subs?

    And I think this version of Boys Over Flowers with a female F4 and a male Jan Di would certainly become very popular if someone actually produced it. You’re not the only one to think of BOF for this question and I believe there are a lot of drama fans who are tired of douchey rich guys and would love to see the situation being reversed.

    And yes, piggyback rides are always relevant.

    • Yay! I think we do have similar taste it guys which means we have awesome great taste no? Haha!! Yes you should watch Youth Over Flowers, it is subbed, I’ll find you the link and send it to you.
      Someone should make this drama already with the gender reversal of BOF, why haven’t they?? We need to send some notes to those writers lol.
      Piggyback rides is usually the first bit of skinship between our couples in dramas!

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