Fan-girl Ramblings #22 – Guy Candy: Park Seo Joon

I’ve been really missing Park Seo Joon these days. He hasn’t been too active lately ever since he finished Witch’s Romance. The latest bit of news I heard about him was how he was in talks to star in a movie with Yoo Yun Seok and Lee Jin Wook. I’d love to see him in the movie with the other two hotties, but I think what I really want to see him return to dramaland soon. He’s still MC’ing on KBS’s Music Bank and he’s been quite active participating in many photo shoots and shooting CFs for Union Bay. I think we’re all having withdrawal symptoms of Seo Joonie, so to help fill the void I’m sharing you these goodies plus the videos that come along with it. Enjoy!

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PJS instyle1 PJS instyle2 PJS instyle3

PSJ celebrity1 PSJ celebrity2 PSJ celebrity3 PSJ celebrity4 PSJ celebrity5

PSJ unionbay1 PSJ unionbay2 PSJ unionbay3 PSJ unionbay4 PSJ unionbay5 PSJ unionbay6 PSJ unionbay7 PSJ unionbay8

Other extras from Union Bay

I feel embarrassed to say this but I haven’t seen this MV until now, probably because I haven’t watched I Summon You Gold. It’s a MV for The One, starring his fellow co-star from the drama a popular rising actress Baek Jin Hee.

7 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #22 – Guy Candy: Park Seo Joon

  1. Thank you for post! The BNT bts clip really make me happy & excited! I’m currently watching him in summon gold. His character not my fave among WR, WW & ISYG. But his scenes still the best among all 😀 EP30, when he sang a short clip made me swoooon… ^^ his voice so good!!!

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