The Three Musketeers (Episodes 5-9)


So sorry for the lack of updates on The Three Musketeers, I actually went on my mini hiatus on all my weekly dramas. I think I was feeling drama’ed out. Anyways I finally caught up with the latest episodes, so I’ll just comment on what has happened so far.

We finally find out the back story of Mi Ryung/Hyang Sun and the crown prince, which was one of the storylines I was most interested in. I was a little surprised at the dark streak within Hyang Sun had, was always there in the beginning and it wasn’t developed after the prince forced her to commit suicide. I was also surprised when the crown princess asked the prince to de-throne her. I don’t blame her because living in a palace gets pretty lonely, you have no friends or anyone you can really trust, plus a so-called husband who doesn’t love and care about you. It must have taken her a lot of courage to ask that of the prince as she no longer cared about the ramifications of what it would be mean to be de-throned. Not only would she be ostracized from society but her entire family’s honor would be tainted as well, which back then was a very big deal.

Now moving on to the latest episode which is 9, we all know Dal Hyang didn’t die but the mystery behind what had happened is what makes it interesting. Ann and I had a big laugh over the dead body and how fake it was, which you can read in our conversation down below.

I’m actually I kind of glad I stopped watching for a bit and just watched all 5 episodes at once, because after watching each episode I wanted more and I was happy that the next episode was available for me to watch. I’ve also realized that this season is almost over, there’s actually only 3 episodes left. TVN stated there would be 12 episodes each season. How long do we have to wait for the second season??

Below is my conversation with Ann about episode 9. You might have noticed CC has been MIA in the last couple conversations, that’s because she’s having fun right now in Korea!! So jelly.

Me: So I just finished ep 9 of 3 Musketeers… Ann ur probably gonna say u still don’t like the prince hahahaha

Ann: Bahaha I’m watching it now. I have no expectations for him to get better!

Me: Yong was too cute this ep, the latter half was too slow for me

Ann: I’m still on the first half

Me: Btw did they just add a new character the girl who was eying Yong? LOL

Me: Honey I don’t blame her, I’d be staring at him all day too pwahahaha


Ann: I know eh. Ewww she’s too young. I don’t want her with him! And that body they used looked sooo fake LMBO

Ann: Bahahaha same. I’d be staring too

Me: LOL I know right sooo fake haha

Me: Yeah she’s like what 15? Eww, but back then I dunno… they took young girls as wives ><

Ann: Yeah they did. I guess both Mi Ryung and the princess were both young too. But still, I don’t want Yong with a 15 year old!!!

Me: Maybe there will be a time jump and she’ll be older, like with another actress

Ann: Hahaha nooo! I still want princess with Dal Hyang. I don’t want him as an old man going for a much younger girl

Me: To be honest, she doesn’t seem that interested in Dal Hyang anymore… she cares more about the prince sadly

Me: And according to history, the crown prince and princess have 3 kids together, so I don’t know how accurate they are gonna follow what had happened in real life

Ann: T ___ T I know. So sad. When the prince doesn’t even care about her

Me: I know it just sucks all around

Me: LOL I do like Yong Gol Dae, he has cool hair and I see the potential bromance with Dal Hyang

Ann: Hahaha I don’t mind YGD either. I just want a good ending for PDH

Ann: LOL! Ah man, every time I see that body I just crack up at how fake it is.

Me: LOL I was like looking at it’s legs, I was like did they stuff it with tissue?

Ann: Yup hahaha. And the torso too. When they first found it, it wasn’t filled enough. And now in scene where his body is being laid out, it’s too filled out!

Me: LOL clearly their budget was spent elsewhere haha


Ann: I know right? LOL Oh well, we know he isn’t dead

Me: LOL right? I mean there’s still 2 seasons, how can u kill off one of ur leads like that??

Ann: This is the Prince. Stupid Boy. He didn’t make me hate him this episode since he actually considered the feelings of others for once. But I still don’t like him LOL

Me: LMAOO at the song haha

Ann: Yup after this ep I automatically thought of this song

I forgot to mention above that I’ve never seen a group of guys so happy to be thrown in jail together like this haha!!

musketeers8a musketeers8b

I also died laughing when Dal Hyang formally greeted Seung Po’s wife with a bow because he thought she was his mother!! ROFLLLLL LMAOOOO HAHAHAHA! Oh Dal Hyang you silly boy, I just adore and love you!


Aren’t you glad Dal Hyang went back to his old hairstyle? It’s all about that side swept bangs yo!


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