Mid Point Review: Boarding House No. 24


Aww what a cute little show! It’s my first time ever watching a Korean sitcom and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. It is really silly, quirky and over-the-top but deep down it has a lot of heart with some interesting characters. The basic plot of the show is about an owner of a boarding house (Kim Kwang Kyu) who learns from his mother’s deathbed that he has a child. However, he isn’t given any other information besides the fact his child is now 24 years old. Determined to find his child, he researches the children of all his past relationships and identifies six 24-year-olds: Dong Jun of ZE:A, Do Hee of Tiny-G, Ken of VIXX, Hyun Young of Rainbow, High Top of BIGFLO and Kim Sa Eun. He then executes an elaborate plan to get all 6 of them to live at his boarding house, hoping he’ll be able to identify which one is his child. With the 6 of them living together under the same roof, they learn about life, love, work and relationships.

I only wanted to watch this because I’m a fan of ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun and Tiny G’s Do Hee. I loved Do Hee since I’ve watched her in Reply 1994 and Dong Jun is well rounded talented entertainer (singing, acting, dancing, athletics), plus he’s super adorable! Also I read news that these 2 would have a love line on the show, so it made me even more curious to check out the show. I marathon*ed the latest 5 episodes and now I want moar! Unfortunately this drama only airs once a week on Tuesdays. What’s with the sudden trend of dramas airing only once a week now? I know Taiwan and Japan has always aired one episode a week, but now suddenly Korea and Hong Kong are doing it more often as well. Sigh, I guess patience is a virtue.

I love all the characters, they all have their own little background stories and struggles, pretty much the struggles many 20 somethings can relate to. At first all the characters seem very strange, even quite superficial but through the episodes we learn why they act the way they do. Dong Jun used to be a star soccer player but after a foot injury his dreams of being a professional athlete diminished and now he lives aimlessly with no life goals. Do Hee is a popular online figure (she eats a ton of food in front of a camera that’s broadcasted live on the Internet) but suffers from agoraphobia. Ken’s father is the chairman of a famous hospital, but he wishes to make it on his own without the help of his family and he doesn’t want to go into the medical field. Hyun Young is a materialistic girl who is obsessed with designer brands and uses all of her rent/tuition money to buy them. We learn that she was bullied when she was young because of her looks but after getting plastic surgery and wearing designer brands, people began to respect and treat her better. Kim Sa Eun is a gold-digger, only looking to get married to a rich husband because she believes that she doesn’t have the smarts or talents to make it on her own. High Top plays a defector from North Korea who’s a big fan boy of Ting G. There’s isn’t too much information about his character’s story at the moment.

Watching the show feels kind of like Reply 1994 where a group of young people all living together, forming friendships, romance and learning life lessons. I really enjoy these types of youth dramas because its very relateable to me because it’s something I went through or still going through in the present. Being in your 20s is a time of discovery, taking chances and making mistakes, learning who you are as a person, what you like and don’t like, etc. I think we can all relate to them because who hasn’t gone through that period in their lives? Despite the silliness of the show, it really does depict the struggles of 20 somethings of our generation. I even got used to the laughter track that’s always played in the background, which was really annoying and wasn’t something I was used to at first.

I think my favorite character from the show is Do Hee. She’s so adorable as a character who has a lot dreams but is impeded by her agoraphobia. I think Do Hee is portraying her character so well and she’s so different from Yoon Jin in Reply 1994. For an idol, I must say she has quite the talent in acting and I can see her potentially having a good acting career. Originally I was anticipating her romance with Dong Jun but she’s so cute when she’s around Ken as well. Now I don’t know who to ship and who will she end up with in the end?

If you enjoy romantic comedies about youth and don’t mind the silliness, please do check out Boarding House No. 24. It’s a really fun and easy watch, you’ll probably end up enjoying it a lot more than you would expect. Also if you’re a fan of any of the cast members, then of course you should watch it. You’ll fall in love with Do Hee for sure!

By the way I found out Kim Sa Eun is the actress that is getting married to Super Junior’s Sung Min in December! She kind of resembles Go Ara in certain angles, don’t you think?

BoardingHousecast1 boardinghousecast2 boardinghousecast3 boardinghousecast4kendohee kenhy

And here’s a bonus, screencaps I made of Do Hee because I just adore her to bits, plus some screencaps with Dong Jun too. Aren’t they the cutest?

doheecute1 doheecute2 doheecute3 doheecute4doheedongjun1 doheedongjun2 doheedongjun3 doheedongjun4

Okay I won’t be biased, here’s some screencaps of Do Hee and Ken! Which pairing do you ship??

doheeken1 doheeken3 doheeken5


2 thoughts on “Mid Point Review: Boarding House No. 24

  1. Lol, that laughter track though! I thought it was annoying at first as well, but I don’t even hear it now.

    About Kim Sae Eun; I didn’t know she was getting married! To Super Junior member at that.

    Dude, with Do Hee, IDK. I like the idea of her w/ Ken, because she takes him out of his comfort zone but I also like how the athletic one takes her out of her comfort zone. Also, I haven’t given up om him a d his materialistic ex. But then the idea of the him w/ Kim Sae Eun character as well. And then the idea of the N. Korean w/ the Bag Mommy. Ah! Idk. Well.

    Awesome review btw.

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