The Three Musketeers (Episode 10-11)


Aww I can’t believe the first season is almost over. One more episode left!! The last 2 episodes have been a great fun ride and it’s been so satisfactory to see our heroes gain the upper hand but of course in dramaland, nothing is ever smooth sailing as we saw by the end of episode 11. I love the execution of the story where the drama keeps us from fully knowing the details until the end, keeping us engaged with the back and forth stories. It may be confusing for others, but I’m really loving it. Our prince has finally redeemed himself and finally received some acknowledgement from Ann. However the biggest hero in our eyes is Dal Hyang and he is truly deserving of his new title.


musketeers10-A musketeers10-B musketeers10-C musketeers10-Dmusketeers10a musketeers10b musketeers10c

Me: Loved this weeks ep of 3 Musketeers! I was like boo-ya! so many times hahaha. I take it u girls won’t be caught up for a while…

CC: I just finished watching all the episodes I missed of 3 Musketeers. I enjoy the mini problems and how they have to over come them within 2-3 episodes vs overcoming the problem over 21 episodes. I still love PDH & the Prince. Ann I don’t know why you haven’t fallen for the prince yet.

Ann:Hahaha nope, not yet. I’ve yet to watch the latest episode, but he irks me in all the wrong ways. I hate the way he treats Dal Hyang and the princess and still pines over that psycho Hyang Sun.

CC: You need to watch the latest episode. He shows his loyalty to his friends and family.

Ann: I will get on that tonight.

Ann: I don’t want to hate him forever! LOL

Me: Yes u will like the prince again Ann after the latest ep hahaha

Ann: I’m sticking him in the “I don’t dislike you anymore but you still gotta prove yourself more” zone LOL I know, I’m a hard one to please, but he’s only gotten himself out of the negative cause he felt guilty someone died for him. But I have a feeling I’ll like him by next episode (it only took a whole freakin’ season!) and I’ll probably love him by second season

Me: Lol u r hard to please Ann haha

Me: What do u think of the Manchu girl??

Ann: The Manchu girl? I was like “andwaeeeeeee!!!!” I don’t dislike her but I don’t want Yong with her, even if they make her grow up in the next season. She’s still a kid now and after she grows up, he’ll be an old man. I don’t want it at all but I feel that’s what they’re gonna do, though I don’t know how that’ll happen as they don’t speak the same language. She’s 15!!! Okay, unless they like somehow tell us that Dal Hyang is only supposedly like 18 right now. But until they confirm it, he’s 25 to me and I won’t accept it!

Me: Lol she will probably end up learning Korean later or something. U know he ain’t gonna be with the princess lol

Me: Lol his servant was able to learn the language, so pretty sure she can pick up Korean

Ann: I think they’ll make one of them learn the language for sure. I’m still not for it unless they tell me Dal Hyang is younger. I know he won’t be with the princess anymore but it nice when she said “Thank you for living” instead of “thank you for saving me”. She still cares about him but knows they couldn’t be together, as well as her duty as the princess. She was trying to move forward and I can accept that, so long as the prince has a change of heart and treats her better.

musketeers11-a musketeers11-b musketeers11-c musketeers11-d musketeers11-emusketeers11-E musketeers11-F

Me: OMGGGG just finished watching ep 11 of Three Musketeers!!!

Ann: OMG okay, I just finished it. I finally like the prince after this episode, but that didn’t end well. Yong had me laughing the whole episode, then suddenly made me cry with his last scene.

Ann: Oh and Min Seo in the preview LOL dressed like a Chinese girl hahaha

Me: I was like noooooooo b!tch u did not just kill Dal Hyang’s dad!!!!!! She cray cray alright

Me: LOL glad u finally like the prince for once haha, it only took the whole season haha

Ann: I know right? A whole freakin’ season for him to finally realize what a crazy woman Hyang Sun is and that he was stupid for hanging onto her.

Ann: And now that he finally cares about the Princess she gets shot with an arrow. Dude, you totally had that coming lol

Me: LOL noo the princess didn’t deserve that!!!

Me: Can’t believe it’s almost over, 1 more ep!!

Ann: No she didn’t deserve it. But I meant the prince had it coming, having put her through 5 years of waiting

Ann: I know, can’t believe it’s almost over and that it’s been 12 weeks, as opposed to only 6

Me: Dunno how long it will take before we get to see season 2

Ann: I hope it’s soon. I need it! No sense in waiting or else the actors will get busy

Me: I guess this is when Yong will release his solo album?? He was supposed to release one this year

Me: And yeah you’ll be going to their concert too!!

Ann: Yeah that’s what some fans were suggesting, that he would take the break to release his album. And yes! Going to see him

Me: Lucky!! I wanna see CNBLUE again!!

Me: He must be so tired, doing the drama, preparing for his album and concert

Ann: Yeah must be. Luckily he only films for one episode a week instead of two

Ann: Hey, at least you’ve already seen them!

Me: LOL u will see them 2x!! Haha

Ann: True. But the first time was so short. Only 35 minutes

Me: Then u must enjoy this one to the fullest

Ann: And I think looking at my seats, I may be in the front row for my section so hopefully I can see better!


6 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers (Episode 10-11)

    • That’s a good question. I assume you’re referring to the lips pressed together types of kisses right? Although I don’t know the exact reason but I think it’s because they want to portray a more conservative side due to their culture, but sometimes we know that isn’t always the case in real life. If you watch Korean cable dramas, the kissing scenes are a totally different story. For example: Witch’s Romance and Queen In Hyun’s Man

  1. Isn’t this cable drama too? But anyway, I think it’s also cause it’s a saeguk. They never have anything kind of risque in saeguks, unless it’s like a movie.

    Can’t believe today is the last episode 😦 They better put the new season out soon, like early 2015 at least!

    • Oh yeah I almost forgot it’s TVN too but I thought we were referring to Korean dramas in general. Yeah saeguks or historical dramas won’t have such passionate kissing scenes, sometimes you’ll be lucky if they even hug haha.
      Yes I know can’t believe it’s the last episode coming up soon, going to miss this show, hope to see the second season soon as well.

  2. 🙂 Thanks for your answers. I just wanted to ask this.

    I have seen few dramas as for example “I need Romance 3”, “Can we love?”, “Witch’s Romance”, “My princess”, “Angel Eyes”, “The moon that embrace the sun”, “Secret”, “City hunter”, “When a man loves”, “You who came from the Stars”, “Heirs”, “Faith” and maybe some else…

    Anyway is obvious the patterns. The thing is that it works. Because I become addicted. And those scenes keeping faces close for a moment or waiting for that kiss that seems never arrive, make more exciting.
    I’m forbidden to myself to see more because I become addicted to it, and when I found a drama with all the chapters I can see same day many of them. (Each is about hour) So it is not healthy for me 😛
    And it is true I have seen movies also for example Obsessed, Scent and many others… where these issues are differently taken.

    Now I’m waiting for more internationally (meaning human races, nationalities) inside the characters from the stories. Hoping that one country take the first step without use any stereotype or cultural thoughts. Maybe I should write this by myself 😛

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