The Three Musketeers (Episode 12 – Season Finale)


I can’t believe it’s over! 12 episodes flew by so quickly, even though it aired an episode once a week. I’m missing Dal Hyang already and I want season 2 be here… like right now. It’s been a really fun first season and it ended leaving us wanting more, which is always a good sign. I really enjoyed the show and all the little adventures our characters went on. What I personally loved was the growth in our characters, especially Dal Hyang and So Hyeon who really matured over the course of the drama. I’m looking forward to season 2 and so I guess I’ll have have to be patient like everyone else *pouts*

musketeers12b musketeers12c musketeers12d musketeers12z musketeers-12a musketeers12f

Ann: Ugh, the last episode of Three Musketerers! Had me feeling so many things. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms! I need more darn it! And Hyang Sun just needs to die already!!!!

Me: Ah just finished watching!

Me: Ugh why is Hyang Sun still alive?? She’s like those cockroaches that u kill but they keep coming back

Me: Lol at Min Seo dressed as a Manchurian girl haha

Me: The time jump means Tani must be grown up now

Ann: I know right? I knew she wouldn’t die yet. Argh! Also nooooo I don’t care, I don’t want Dal Hyang with Tani!!! She was a kid! A kid! I’d rather he stayed forever a bachelor saving lives. So much needs to be explained though. Like if the prince and princess were captured, how are they free to roam around? And what was the point of the war if the king was able to just come back?

Ann: I’ll let her have him after she officially turns 25 where age is not as big an issue anymore. So he needs to wait 8 more years.

Me: Lol they will have an older actress playing Tani for sure in the 2nd season. Definitely not the same girl

CC: There’s a lot of “WTF”? moments in this ep. The king officially annoys me. What a loser and a coward. I can’t believe that he would dethrone his own son because he’s scared his son would make a better ruler than him. His paranoia needs treatment. He also needs to step down from the throne since he’s not in his right mind to rule a country. I don’t understand how the prince escaped when he was being captured? He must’ve gotten good treatment from Yong Gol Dae since he saved him back in Korea. I had a feeling that Hyang Sun didn’t die. It would be too easy for her. She’s such a skank going from son to father. I bet she will be crowned queen in the next season then probably get de-throne. But you have to admit, she’s an interesting character and she makes the drama the “wtf” factor. Now Tani is 17 which is the marrying age for Asian girls back in the days. They’re gonna make her look more mature and probably sex her up a bit for PDH. I’m excited to see season 2. So much that needs to be explain.

Me: According to history he remained the king during 2 Manchu invasions and he does kill the prince later on because he wanted to modernize the country. It happened in real life and crown princess was executed too. It was implied in the beginning anyway that the prince had died and they wondered what it’d be like if he became the king because he had a lot of great ideas to change the country

Me: LOL at first I thought Min Seo was possibly Tani fighting all those guys hahaha until he took off his mask hahahaha

Me: And yeah King In Jo was seen as the weakest, unstable and indecisive rulers of them all who did nothing for the country. He was seen as someone not to follow LOL… that’s for sure

Me: But yeah I look forward to season 2, hopefully the wait isn’t too long

CC: That’s so interesting to know that the king actually killed his own son. I should read up on Joseon dynasty.

Me: Yeah I always knew about one of the kings that executed his son lol… probably seen it in another drama


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