First Impressions: Birth of a Beauty


A romantic comedy about the revenge, love, and success of beautiful woman with the personality of an ahjumma. It will tell the story of a woman who is transformed after plastic surgery and diets, and the man, who made her that way. Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) is the heir of a large company. He is suffering from a broken heart syndrome due to a psychological shock. To get the woman he loves back, he completely changes an unattractive and overweight ahjumma Sa Geum Ran (Han Ye Seul) to beautiful Sara. In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sa Ra. (DramaWiki)

I just finished watching the first 4 episodes of Birth of a Beauty. At first I thought this was going to be a fluffy romantic comedy as advertised but after watching episodes 3-4, things unexpectedly became makjang. There’s suddenly murder, birth secrets, revenge and inheritance fights. Wow I wasn’t expecting that turn at all, it really shocked me the way the story took a different spin than I had originally anticipated. I can’t say I super love the change but it definitely suddenly makes things more interesting. I’m glad the elements of rom-coms is still sprinkled here and there, hopefully it will continue this way.

What’s really the draw factor are our leads Han Ye Seul and Joo Sang Wook. This is Han Ye Seul comeback after 3 years since her “runaway” fiasco during Spy Myung Wol. I’ve always really liked her since Couple of Fantasy, so I’m glad she’s back on the small screen again. I think she shines the best in comedies. I was never really a fan of Joo Sang Wook before as I only seen him in Good Doctor plus I disliked his character. Boy, things have changed after seeing him in this drama. I also think Joo Sang Wook really fits in romantic comedies as well and the man is freaking gorgeous! There isn’t a shot where he isn’t looking simply stunning, I kid you not… dang! And he has such beautiful eyes. Besides each being amazeballs individually, the both of them have sizzling chemistry together. I can’t believe how FAST his character is already starting to fall for Sara, the 2nd episode only!!

I really felt for Sa Geum Ran/Sara’s character from the very start and what she went through. Working tirelessly for her in-laws who couldn’t care less about her (besides grandma) and a husband she barely saw in 7 years, having an affair. I initially still kinda liked her husband and looked forward to seeing him falling in love with her again. However, after this week’s episodes, we all found out what a complete douchebag he turned out to be. I cried when Sara finally found it was her husband who had “killed” her and even kicked out her mother from her own home. Han Ye Seul’s devastation and crying brought me to tears because she realized the man she loved was not who she thought he was.

Joo Sang Wook’s character Han Tae Hee also has quite a bit of background story too. By now, we all know he’s the long lost grandson and the rightful heir to Winner Group. I like that his character is actually a nice guy and not the stereotypical chaebol who has a bad personality. I look forward to seeing them getting revenge on all those people who did them wrong and of course seeing more of our OTP’s growing attraction to each other. I’m not really quite sure how the rest of the drama is going to play out, as in if they’re keeping it more on the serious side or trying to add more rom-com. Who knows, but I’m going to keep watching the drama regardless.

Also the cast of Birth of a Beauty was recently on Running Man (Episode 219) and it was absolutely HIL-ARIOUS! I laughed so much that I had tears in my eyes. It was definitely the funniest episodes on Running Man in a long time. So I do recommend you watch that episode and it will make you want to watch the drama too. Han Ye Seul and Wang Ji Hye were absolutely daebak on it!

joosangwook1 joosangwook2

I can’t be the only one who becomes lost in Joo Sang Wook’s eyes right?? *_*


One thought on “First Impressions: Birth of a Beauty

  1. WOW! Birth of a Beauty! If you are looking for something to watch, this is a must watch drama on the list. Please read through the above summary. It is very well written and basically summarizes everything that I want to say about the drama as well. I strongly recommend reading this page. Also I recommend watching this drama not because I am a big fan of Joo Sang Wook, but it is worth giving it a chance. It has all the elements of rom-com but also involves a bit of suspence and mystery, and amazing chemistry between the leads. Sang Wook so HOT!!!! Those eyes are so sexy LOL….Love your post of Sang Wook’s pics here!!!!

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