Videos of the Week: Fiona Sit, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), and Sung Si Kyung

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Life suddenly got really busy and I haven’t had time to update. However, no worries because I’m back again, and I couldn’t neglect my little blog forever. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while because I saw a lot of great videos the past few weeks and really wanted to share them with you all.


So a couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram in the evening (as I always do) and I came across this poster that Hong Kong singer and actress Fiona Sit had posted. Seeing the poster immediately made me intrigued. I looked it up and it’s actually a short film and a music video for her song Last Dance. I really loved the short film, it was very touching. A majority of it was spoken in English which was really nice. I was curious about the male actor and did some snooping online. I found out his name is JINMU a Korean actor and model. He seems relatively new and based on his Instagram he works a lot in Hong Kong. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for him in the future hehe. I’ve linked both the short film and music video versions below.


Next video is from our very own Galaxy Hyung Kris (Wu Yi Fan). It’s so nice to see him doing well after the whole SM lawsuit. On his birthday he released the song There Is A Place from his upcoming movie Somewhere Only We Know. It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics were written by Kris as well. In the MV we can see clips from the film. I gotta say it looks beautifully shot and super romantic! I look forward to seeing the movie, which isn’t out until next year in February.


Last but not least is Sung Si Kyung’s Three People with the MV starring my baby Yoo Yeon Seok! I’ve really missed him but he’s been super busy with what seems to be endless amounts of films. I’d love to see him on the small screen again. He was originally offered a leading role in a drama playing a vampire doctor, but he ultimately turned it down due to schedule conflicts. I would have totally watched it for him, even though vampires are so overdone. Anyways going back to the MV, the plot line to me is similar to Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress and seeing Yoo Yeon Seok in it, gives me so many Chilbongie feels!


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