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New rookie group alert!! This was the other post that I’ve been meaning to write, but I was too busy at the time. Now I’m here to officially introduce you to a new Chinese-Korean boy band called UNIQ. This group is really new, they literally just debuted last month in October, so they’re really fresh muahaha. I’ve been following this group ever since their pre-debut, when I first saw their teasers being released. Originally there wasn’t a lot of information about this group when I tried to find out more about them. Now that a month has passed, more information has come out. UNIQ is a group formed by YueHua Entertainment and before debuting, they were trainees under YG Entertainment for 4 years. The group consists of 3 Chinese members: Yixuan, Wenhan and Yibo, and 2 Korean members Sungjoo and Seungyoun. The name UNIQ comes from the combination of the 2 words unique and unicorn. They officially debuted on October 20, 2014 with the release of “Falling in Love” with both Chinese and Korean versions, later on they also released an English version. UNIQ also went on to participate in 2 movie movie OSTs for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Born to Fight) and Penguins of Madagascar (Celebrate), which are both sung in English.

I really love this group from the moment I first saw them and I really do think they’re a unique group (pun intended) because all the members have diverse backgrounds and extremely talented. I was shocked by the Mandarin pronunciations of the Korean members, especially Sungjoo! When I first watched the video Falling In Love in Mandarin, I had a hard time telling which members were Korean or Chinese. I can usually tell by their pronunciations pretty quickly (i.e Super Junior-M and EXO-M). I absolutely adore their debut song Falling in Love, it’s super catchy and the dance is cute. I was also really attracted to the member’s bright and sunny images. All the members are simply gorgeous period. I see so much potential for this group already and they definitely have an international appeal. This is especially true with them releasing English songs and I think their pronunciation is pretty good. So I can see them making it BIG one day.

This is my first time ever following a group so closely both pre-debut/debut and I’m proud to say I’ve become a unicorn! I can’t say I have a bias at the moment because I really like them all. I’ve watched all their videos and interviews, so its nice to learn more about them each time. Some interesting facts I learned: Seungyoun grew up in Brazil and knows how to speak Portuguese and Sungjoo studied in China previously which explains his great Mandarin pronunciation. All the members have such interesting backgrounds and I could go on forever listing them, but I always find its more fun when you do your own research about them. Sigh it’s too bad I live in Canada and K-pop idols hardly ever come here, but I’d love to meet these guys one day and see them in concert.

Last night I watched their first official fanmeeting held in Beijing. Now that is what I call a real fanmeeting because of all the fanservice! I felt so jealous of the fans who got to interact with them through the various games. There’s just something about rookie groups, because everything for them right now is so new and I could see how nervous they were, which was adorable. I was crying along with them when they made their speeches to their family, whom were also present at the event. Also it was through this fanmeeting, I realized how great Sungjoo speaks in Mandarin! He sounds almost like a native-speaker. He probably speaks Mandarin better than I do I’m sure. Mandarin isn’t my first language but I was able to watch this fanmeeting (and other shows in general) and understand about 80%. I was able to pick up Mandarin throughout the years of watching Taiwan dramas and taking beginner Mandarin classes in the past. So for me it’s okay in terms of understanding, but for other people who have no knowledge of the Chinese language, it will be difficult. So I hope in the future they will provide English subtitles too for the international fans. If there’s anything from the fanmeeting or other videos you’d like to know or need a translation of, leave me a comment below.

Anyways, please enjoy all the videos by UNIQ and visit the links below to learn more about them. Also a warning on the picture spam below 😛

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/UNIQGlobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UNIQ_5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealUNIQ
Official Website: http://www.uniqclub.com/
Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/officialuniq

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7 thoughts on “UNIQ 유니크

  1. They’re growing here too! Recently I shazammed them in a shop and found out about them through Naver. They’re quite catchy.

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