Fan-girl Ramblings #23 – More Park Seo Joon!


I was just scrolling through my Instagram and came across these gorgeous photos of Park Seo Joon by photographer Seungkwang Choi (ESKEY). Get ready to wipe the drool off of your keyboards ladies! In case some of you didn’t know already, Seo Joonie will be in the upcoming drama Kill Me Heal Me which tells a story about a guy who has 7 split personalities. He’s been attached to the drama for quite some time despite all the lineup changes because they had the difficult time securing the rest of the cast. Seo Joon isn’t the lead unfortunately, but I was going to watch it regardless just to see him on screen again. They recently finalized the leading cast with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, which definitely changes things up because suddenly the drama is more appealing. A guy with 7 personalities isn’t something that screams “I NEED to watch it RIGHT NOW” It is a good sign to hear from the writer stating that she had envisioned Seo Joon in this role, playing a mystery novelist who’s both smart and quirky. Needless to say, I’m just happy to see Seo Joon back on the small screen again.

parkseojoon02 parkseojoon03 parkseojoon04 parkseojoon05 parkseojoon06 parkseojoon07


2 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #23 – More Park Seo Joon!

  1. Now THIS I have to see. 7 split personalities? That must be so much fun filming, but what a challenge for PSJ. I can’t wait.

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