First Impressions: Healer


OH. MY. GOD. I think I officially found my second crack drama of the year after Witch’s Romance! What great timing with an awesome drama to kick off before the end of the year. I just finished watching the first 6 episodes and I’m already dying for more. Why does it have to air twice a week only? This show has always been on my radar since the early promos with stills of Ji Chang Wook in action giving off the City Hunter vibes. While watching the drama, it does give off a lot of City Hunter feels, but if I must argue Ji Chang Wook gives off cooler vibes than Lee Min Ho did, which is insanely hot. Healer I think is faster paced and slicker too.

So backtracking a bit, the drama according to KBS World is about a mysterious messenger of the 22nd century (Ji Chang Wook), an online newspaper reporter who only concerns her own interests (Park Min Young), a popular reporter who agonizes over the truth and reality (Yoo Ji Tae). When these three people meet, a passionate romance starts and the truths from the past and present reveal themselves to the world. This drama features young people and how they grow into real reporters. That in sum is what the drama is about, but all our characters have so much depth and layers that slowly get revealed each episode. To be honest, even I don’t exactly know what exactly is going on sometimes and all the interconnected relationships that exist in their world. That is what’s great about the drama, it reveals a little bit enough for us viewers to kind of know what’s going on but also keeping it a mystery and thus keeps us on our toes in wanting more. I really like how just when you start to think you know what’s going, the show just adds other elements, characters or reveals other facts that just changes the whole game again. That my friend is what I call great story-telling. Even my friend who I encouraged to watch the show, said that the first episode was really confusing but the drama just gets better with each episode. I couldn’t agree more.

I like really Ji Chang Wook in this role as the Healer who’s the calm, cool and superbly skilled courier. He has his second persona as Bong Soo who’s a timid and meek newbie reporter, kind of like the Superman/Clark Kent dynamic. Then there’s also Jung Hoo (his real name in the show) who doesn’t have any attachment to people in the world and he only wants to earn enough money to be able to buy his own island to live alone. That slowly starts to change when he meets Park Min Young’s character Young Shin. I’ve always been indifferent about Park Min Young because I’ve never really liked her characters or her acting in previous dramas, but I must say I really like her as Young Shin. Her character in a way is more relate-able and that courage she has to do the right thing even though she’s scared out of her mind is very commendable. She has a fear of violence that when she witnesses it, it becomes so traumatizing that she can’t even breathe. This is due being abandoned as a child and physically abused.

Finally our other main character Moon Ho played by Yoo Ji Tae. If I had to sum up his character in one word only, it would be complicated. His expression in just one scene conveys so many complicated emotions of longing, anger, anguish, etc. All I can say is Yoo Ji Tae isn’t an award winning movie actor for nothing. I can never really tell with his character whether his complicated*ness is good or bad or just really in the grey area. Sometimes when he gives that one look or twisted smile… he just really throws you off wondering what’s this guy all about? I’m just very intrigued by him and his very complicated dynamic with his brother.

Besides the drama being a slick action thriller which was already a huge draw factor for me in the beginning, you gotta mention the romance right? I adore Young Shin and Jung Hoo together and how cute they are. As different as they appear to be initially, you realize how similar they are as people, why they need each other and belong together. I just squealed like a little teen girl again during the scene when Young Shin told Bong Soo over the phone on how she’s always had a crush on a famous courier. The look on his face was priceless because he realized she was referring to him. It felt like we were right there with him hearing her confession, to being utterly surprised and deep down super ecstatic. I really can’t wait to see more of their interactions because they have a sweet chemistry together.

I highly recommend this drama if your a fan of dramas like City Hunter or just action thrillers in general and if you’re a fan of any of the leading actors, then it’s a must-watch. I think it has a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. The acting is great, and all the characters are engaging that make up their little world, is quite fascinating. You’ll enjoy it, I guarantee it! OH OH and I almost forgot to mention how friggin awesome is Kim Mi Kyung playing an ahjumma hacker? LOL!!

Healer01 Healer02 Healer04 healer4-00277 Healer05 healer5-00612 Healer06 Healer07 Healer08 Healer09 Healer10 Healer10b Healer11 Healer12 Healer13 Healer14



4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Healer

  1. THE FEELS! I have such massive Healer feels I don’t know what to do with myself! Episode 10 just blew me away and this OTP Is just KILLING ME. And you’re right, JCW has the best faces LOL. I haven’t really been into the whole backstory thing but after ep 10 I feel like we’re getting somewhere finally and things are on an upswing! Definitely crack for me!

    • Yes the FEELS man, it’s so hard to describe unless you’re actually watching the show. Yeah I didn’t care too much for the back story either too much, but they do a good job slowly unraveling the whole mystery of what exactly happened. Can I go on to say already this is the BEST CRACK ever for 2015? Monday needs to come sooner man.

  2. Just the fact that you consider this the second crack drama after Witch’s Romance is a big sign I have to start it too. LOL. I get the feeling I’m going to be insanely addicted to this series… Plus I love JCW and if he’s going to play two kinds of ‘faces’ I’m probably going to seriously find that really hot.

    • OMG yes please watch soon!! It’s more exciting watching it while it’s airing and fan-girling it with everyone. U should watch it live over there so u can help increase the rating haha. JCW is so incredible in this and his character, so ridiculously hot man.

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