Ji Chang Wook


Aw yeah, it’s pretty safe to say I’ve found my first IT guy of 2015 and its none other than the gorgeous Ji Chang Wook. If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’d probably know I always have an IT guy I go crazy over every year. As mentioned in my post about Park Seo Joon who was my IT guy last year in 2014. I can thank Healer for this new love because it’s such an amazing drama with fantastic acting with multi-dimensional characters and a great script.

To be honest, prior to Healer I didn’t really know much about Ji Chang Wook besides watching him in a few MVs and seeing his name here and there on the Internet. My friend really likes Ji Chang Wook and showed me the MVs that he starred in. My first impression of him was that he looked a lot like Chang Min from DBSK but a more mature/older looking version. I have to say though, he’s more handsome than Chang Min (Sorry DBSK fans, even though I’m a Cassie too lol). Prior to Healer, I’ve only watched one of his dramas a few years ago which was Warrior Baek Dong Soo. At the time I only wanted to watch it for the storyline and not for any particular actor in the drama. Sad to say I never finished the drama because it became boring I think.

Naturally when you become really interested in someone, you want to find out as much as you can about them. CC and I have this habit of watching something (video, drama, movie, etc) and we would pause in the middle just to research about the person haha, which explains why sometimes we take forever to finish watching something lol. So with Ji Chang Wook he wouldn’t be treated any differently, obviously. Through my research I found out he originally started out as a theater actor and boy he can really sing! I’m just so in awe at how incredibly talented Korean actors are, they can act AND sing, plus ya know the other kinda important things like being charming, handsome, having screen presence, etc. I think I’ve lost count how many actors that originated from theater, some of which include Joo Won, Shin Sung Rok and Kang Ha Neul. Chang Wook has a very packed schedule at the moment, as he is currently filming both Healer and performing in the musical The Days until mid-January. It’s pretty crazy he’s actually doing both, as musicals require a lot of stamina and he needs adequate rest too for singing. Plus he has to do all those crazy action scenes in Healer! I can already tell they are on live-shoot mode now because they stopped showing previews this week. Aigoo, take care Chang Wookie!!

Anyways, moving on. While in between the excruciating wait for Healer episodes every week, I decided to watch one of his older dramas Smile, Dong Hae. It’s a daily drama with 159 episodes, and initially I was put off by the length. However, after seeing some of his interviews, he spoke about how after the drama everyone just called him by Dong Hae and not his real name. It’s kind of like Yoon Shi Yoon being Tak Goo as it’s the drama that brought him recognition. I read the synopsis and it didn’t look too bad, so I decided to start watching it. I’m on episode 77 right now, I’m enjoying it so far but of course some things really irritate me especially the stupid villains and how some things tend to drag on longer than it should be. It’s expected since the show is over 100 episodes, luckily the episodes run around half hour each. I love Dong Hae and Bong Yi’s interactions, which is my favorite part of the drama.

After watching Smile, Dong Hae, I think I’m going to watch Empress Ki. Ann has been begging me forever to watch it, but I’ve always been hesitant because one, I’m not into watching historical dramas anymore, plus it’s also very lengthy. It was a extremely popular drama and I think it put Ji Chang Wook on the map even more so after the drama due to his performance. I’m afraid I won’t like him after the drama, as I’ve heard he turns into a bad character later on. It’s okay I guess because I will have Bachelor’s Vegetable Store after that. Gosh so many dramas of his I need to watch!! I’ll probably be writing some blog posts like Fan-Girl Ramblings as I’m watching them, so be on the lookout for those.

I must say Ji Chang Wook is a very talented actor. In Healer, he’s portraying 2-3 characters or personas and his ability to showcase them all with his subtle eye movements and body gestures is incredible. For example in the latest episode, I was so amazed during that scene when he had to go undercover with Young Shin as a wealthy couple. From that one scene ( which lasted a few seconds only) that you could see traces of Healer, and Bong Soo who’s also trying to pretend to be a rich chaebol. That was remarkable and I actually re-watched that scene many times just to catch those subtle moments of each of those characters being portrayed. That isn’t an easy to do, to portray 3 different personalities in one quick scene. In his interviews that I’ve watched, he discussed about his acting career, instead of aiming to be more well-known and famous, he’s more focused on becoming a better actor and be able to experience different roles. I really respect that. And looking at his list of dramas he’s done so far, it is quite diverse in terms of genres and roles.

There’s so many sides to Ji Chang Wook. In photos he gives off that really cool bad boy demeanor, but you see him in real life and interviews, he’s so boyish and cute. Remember when he was on Running Man? (Episodes 211-212) He was so innocent and couldn’t lie like his partner Kwang Soo haha! His looks definitely give him a lot of range, especially when it comes to acting. I can see him playing evil roles, cute comedic romantic roles, arrogant chaebol, etc. Comparing to when he was in Smile, Dong Hae, he’s certainly grown into a more mature looking guy with manly charms. With his looks and talent, I think he could have easily became an idol but I’m really glad he didn’t go that route. And I cannot go on enough about Ji Chang Wook being such a beautiful man, he is simply stunning. *wipes drool off of keyboard*


He’s a fan-cam video of him singing To the Butterfly from the Empress Ki OST at his fan-meeting in Taiwan back in August 2014. He’s sang a song for many of the dramas he’s acted in and they all sound really nice. I hope he gets to sing a song for Healer as well!

Here he’s singing Even Though I Love You from his current musical that he’s performing right now The Days. So much emotion!!

These are some of the interviews of his that I’ve enjoyed watching.

Here’s one of the first Ji Chang Wook’s MVs I’ve watched shared by my friend. The song is by K. Will called I Need You

Oh and I also wanted to mention that Ji Chang Wook and Healer fans are seriously no jokes. There are times when I tweet about the drama within 10-15, I’ll have at least 7-8 retweets! So crazy, I’ve never witnessed anything like this in all my drama tweeting days haha. You can witness the craziness below:


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Of course I have to give you the obligatory fan-service shot for reaching the end of the post, your welcome!


13 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook

  1. Honourable mention!! Thank you!!!!

    Hahahha I’m so glad you’ve fallen so much for Changwook and delighted that he’s the feat of this time’s post. Isn’t he fabulous?!?! I actually didn’t know he was such a good singer but now that you’ve posted some of his live performances I’m only falling harder.

    I 100% agree with you on his ability to play such a diverse range of different roles! I think he won’t be typecasted very often because just by making one small change (like his hair colour) he can either look like a total badass or a total sweetheart. I actually didn’t even recognize him the first time I saw him in the k-will MV before I passed it on to you! It took a couple rewatches for me to realize that OMG, this is the same guy in Tara’s lovey dovey MV!!!

    He looks MEAN in that VID.

    Anyway thanks again for the mention ^^ already looking forward to your next post!!

    • He’s so freaking talented and gorgeous, I fell so hard man haha. And your welcome dearie!! Yes he can definitely transform himself to literally any role he wants. Now girl u must go watch Healer!! 🙂

  2. My Ji Chang Wook Phase was last year after Empress Ki, even though I didn’t like the emperor. Only the “To Butterfly” song made me feel some sort of less hate towards him LOL You’re getting me back into him. Will have to make time to watch his stuff.

      • Probably what I’ll be doing when I’m back home and jobless LOL But that old episode of 1N2D made me upset with Joo Won ATM hahahaha

  3. OMG I’m new to JCW too and it’s all thanks to Healer! He is so beautiful I can’t even, But if it wasn’t for this talent I wouldn’t even be close to getting this obsessed with him. And you’re totally right, that makeover scene! He can do all three characters in a flash, it’s so awesome. You know that part when they walk in like a boss and then she wobbles on her heels and suddenly he does that Bong Sook slouch with his shoulders like .. HAHAHAH it kills me. And then they like, oh crap, we’re supposed to be fabulous, carry on! But anyway, yes JCW FTW!

    • OMG yessssh another person who I can fan-girl over JCW/Healer with!!! Seriously this man has it all the talent and looks. I totally get what you mean, if he wasn’t talented I wouldn’t be so crazy either. LOL I loved your description of the scene, you described it so perfectly!! He’s like “Uh yeah I got this, play it cool man” HAHA.

  4. Yes he is so talented *_*
    I have been his fan since Empress Ki started back in 2013. When I started learning more about him, he is so humble and down to earth. Plus the fact that he is so handsome doesnt hurt *_*

  5. I could look at that face for hours. Actually, I might just do only that until new Healer episodes come out, LOL

    But really, he sings too? He doesn’t look like he sings, but I gotta check his singing voice out. Also, now that I heard he was in Running Man, I must watch that episode. No matter how awkward he might be at variety.

    • He does sing and really well I must say! I wish I could see him live for his musical but it’s over now 😦 Just watch the videos I’ve posted! I’ve just been watching his interviews and whatever videos I can find haha. Also slowly watching his previous dramas too.
      Oh I loved that RM episode, after watching Healer I went back and watch his episodes 2x haha. He was adorably cute and innocent ❤

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