Videos of the Week: Jung Yong Hwa, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, and Bii

This is actually the time of the year when tons of Taiwanese artist all release their music albums. I find it odd how it seems like EVERYONE releases all at the same time. I asked my friend who’s Taiwanese and she said it’s most likely because students are on winter break and they have more time and spending money to buy music. Hmm which makes sense haha.


Anyways moving on to my first video by Jay Chou. It’s been ages since I’ve listened to his music and I just happened to come across his video for his song “What Kind of Man.” It stars Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin (who recently got married!), and it was beautifully shot in Europe. It’s a really nice soft ballad song.


The second video is by Jolin Tsai (coincidentally Jay Chou’s ex) with the song “We’re All Different, Yet The Same” starring her other celeb look-alike Ruby Lin and veteran actress Gui Ya Lei. It was a heartwarming and heartbreaking song/video with a very positive message. The video portrays a woman who is about to lose her same sex partner due to an illness and yet she doesn’t receive any recognition from the world regarding their relationship.


I’ve always been a fan of Bii, ever since he debuted and he’s back again with a new song “I’m Still Missing You.” He always does emotional ballads so well and this song is no exception.


Ever since it was announced that Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) was going to release his own solo album, I was anticipating it for the longest time. He finally dropped his first single yesterday with the song Mileage featuring none other than his Three Musketeers co-star and fellow rapper Yang Dong Geun who played Heo Seung Po. The song and video is so different from what I had expected from Yong, but I like it and the video is super quirky! LOL at Yong dancing, cutest thing ever! I’m looking forward to his performances on music shows and of course his return to Running Man.


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