Fan-girl Ramblings #24 – My Top Healer FEELS Moments


Boo ya my first Fan-girl Ramblings post of 2015 and is it a surprise that it’s Healer related? Too be honest I haven’t been able to focus or watch any other drama at the moment, because I just live and breathe Healer. I’m loving how practically every episode has those magical moments that I live for when I watch dramas. The feels cannot be controlled nor should they be contained. I love how these scenes just make your heart race, melt or a mix of both. I always feel completely mesmerized and become lost in that moment in time. So now why don’t we go back and relieve those magical heart tingling and heart stopping moments again.

Episode 6

healer6-a healer6-b healer-1 healer6-c healer6-d healer6-2

This was the very first time I felt my heart race in the drama and rightly so. I think both Bong Soo and the audiences watching were both surprised by the sudden confession by Shin Young. The shock on his face was priceless and how giddy she was talking about her crush was adorbs!

Episode 7

healer7-00519 healer7-00520 healer7-00525 healer7-00529 healer7-00530

This scene was filled with so much tension, the way he was starring at her lips OMO. And when she reaches out her hand it grazes his jacket and he holds onto her hand as they spoke to each other. The FEELS man!

Episode 8

healer8-a healer8-b healer8-c healer8-d healer8-e healer8-f healer8-g healer9-h healer8-i

I think re-watched the scene when he saved from the elevator so many times and the KISS!!! *Melts into a puddle of goo*

Episode 9

healer9a healer9b healer9c

I could just watch these two talk on the phone all day and everyday man.

Episode 10

healerroof1 healerroof2 healer10-a healer10-b healer10-c healerroof3

This was such a significant scene as Bong Soo boldly made his confession to Young Shin. What was so significant and touching for me personally was the him playing around the idea of throwing away being Healer just for her.

Episode 11

healerreveal01 healerreveal07 healerreveal08 healerreveal02 healerreveal06 healerreveal05 healerreveal04

Ermahgawd…asdfghjkl!!!! This scene really made my heart race so badly and put me in tears. How can hands be so emotional? I re-watched this scene many times just to see all the nuances of both their expressions and hands. In case you didn’t notice already, hands is a running theme for our couple. The scene was simple, no words spoken and hardly any physical movement, we could feel every feeling they felt in the moment. I also loved the contrast of dark and light. She’s wearing white and he’s wearing black, she’s in the light and he’s in the dark shadows. This scene and their physical contact was such a monumental moment, even more romantic than a regular kiss scene.

Episode 12

healerhands9 healerhands8 healerhands10 healerhands7 healerhands6 healerpmyhands healerhands5 healer12-a healerhands3 healerhands2 healerhands1 healer12b healer12c

OMO it’s those sensual hands again and I’m so glad Young Shin is starting to feel something and catching on.


Oh and I also wanted to share one of the latest Ji Chang Wook interviews I watched. From interviews you can tell he’s a really down to earth guy and a naturally nice person. He’s such a charming and outstanding actor. He has it all, the full package with the talents and looks to match it. His eyes are so expressive and full of emotions, I can’t help but swoon when he gives those looks with those eyes. Ji Chang Wook is <3!!


2 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #24 – My Top Healer FEELS Moments

  1. For realz. Those hands are going to be the death of me. Never has a kdrama managed to portray handholding in such a sensual, sexy manner.

    My heart started to race in ep 4 when Bong Soo protects Young Shin’s head from hitting the wall but my love for the show was completely sealed with that LOOK he gave her at the end of episode 5. That smirk filled with pride. *swoons*

  2. Actually I started knowing Ji Changwook when he appears in variety show that I was really fan of, the Running Man, from that time I started digging up things about him like his dramas, music vids etc. I really love his recent drama Empress Ki with Ha Ji Woon. I was really amazed on his role. Until now I still can’t get over with it. And then this drama came, and I was like.. ohmygod! this is so much feels from the previous dramas I have watched!! I mean like, I like Park Min Young too from the City Hunter But I like this drama even more!!! hoping that this drama won’t end!!!! even if I’m not in front of my screen watching it, the scenes can’t get off of my mind!!! and it always excites me to wait for another episode!!!!! this drama really got me insaaaaane! like I don’t know what to do in life when it ends!!! *so much feels*

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