Fan-girl Ramblings #25 – Park Seo Joon Serenading Us Live!

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Gah I had to make a quick fan-girl posting after seeing this video show up on my subscription feed! I actually had to do a double take when I saw the video and make sure I was reading correctly the description of the video haha. But yes this is actually a live performance of Come To My Heart by Park Seo Joon!! In case you forgot already, this is the song from the drama Witch’s Romance which aired last year and I’m sure you remember how crazy I went over Seo Joon and the drama at the time. I believe this is the first time ever that he’s performed this song live and I’m so happy he did. It’s so short, I really wished he sang the whole song. He has such a soothing voice, again I’m always amazed how multi-talented Korean actors are. Oh in case you didn’t know already Seo Joonie is one of the MCs for KBS Music Bank, and for quite a while now already. Anyways enough blabbing enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #25 – Park Seo Joon Serenading Us Live!

  1. Such a talented soul. I really love his voice. He gives off a really positive, gentlemanly vibe every time he’s on screen, even though he’s played such a variety of roles.

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