Videos of the Week: The Triple J’s – JJ Lin, Jason Mraz, and Jung Yong Hwa

jjlinyonghwa1 jjlinyonghwa2 jjlinyonghwa3

Aw yeah I’m back again with more great songs/videos!! The videos I wanna share are some pretty epic collaborations, well pretty epic for me at least ๐Ÿ˜› The first song is Checkmate, a song written by Yong Hwa featuring JJ Lin!! OMG my two worlds collided when I first heard the news that they would be doing a song together. I love the song, and from reading people’s comments, Checkmate is one of their top favorites from Yong Hwa’s album.

JJ also has the video uploaded on his channel as well, and it has English subs for anyone who needs it!

JJ even flew to Korea last week to perform the song live on Music Bank with Yong Hwa. It was so epic beyond words. It was such a wonderful performance and they both sang it with so much power and passion! Uh yea!!


Okay the next big epic collaboration is JJ Lin and Jason Mraz!! They collaborated on the song I Am Alive which is a really uplifting English song. It’s exactly what I think we all need these days and listening to the song definitely pushes me to want to work harder for my dreams. I love the introduction and ending commentary by them both. My fave quote from JJ is “Dreams should always be big. Because you start out big and you work small, day by day, step by step.” This is so true and that is exactly what I am doing these days, which is taking small steps working toward my goals. Also it’s never too late to start living your dreams as Jason says “It’s never too late to start dreaming, it’s never too late to share your dreams. Share them openly with the stars at night and you’ll be surprised at how the stars, the universe, the world around you, will deliver those dreams to you.

Bonus! This isn’t exactly a music video but for fans of Jay Chou, you’d probably know he got married recently to Hannah Quinlivan in a small private wedding in England. This is his wedding that he released, and gosh it’s definitely the fairytale wedding many girls dream of having. Simply stunning and beautiful! Wish these two much happiness and love! โค


One thought on “Videos of the Week: The Triple J’s – JJ Lin, Jason Mraz, and Jung Yong Hwa

  1. I love Jason Mraz’s words on telling your dreams to the Universe. That’s cool!

    Enjoying this feat! I checked out all those collaborations. AWESOME! I really love that Jason Mraz gets so involved in the Asian music scene, and does many cross-cultural collaborations. I remember a couple years back he also collaborated with Khalil Fong and they even performed live together–that completely took me by a pleasant surprise.

    Anyway I’m really happy for Jay. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think he’s come such a long way. His music seems a lot happier these days with more insightful lyrics too. I really LOVED his older stuff, and a lot of people said that they preferred it over his newer stuff, but I love his entire evolution as a person and as a musician. I hope their marriage is blessed, and that he continues to make music. ^^

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