Final Words: Healer

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Aaaaand it’s over. All I gotta say is Healer is definitely a rare phenomenon in the Asian drama world. Never have in all of my drama watching life seen such passion and craze ignited amongst fans internationally. Not even My Love From Another Star which was insanely popular last year, created such a huge stir and response from drama fans. Even though I’ve already watched the finale episode hours ago, I’m finding it really hard to let it go because that’s how amazing it was. I tell you Mondays and Tuesdays were designated specifically just for Healer only. On those two days, the blogosphere and Twitterverse exploded all talking about the latest episode of Healer.

I can say the storyline and plot of Healer isn’t anything really new, but Healer was incredibly well written and I appreciated the writer’s ability to stir strong feelings amongst us viewers. That’s a testament to how incredibly talented the writer is to create such an emotional response each and every episode. While watching the drama, patience is definitely needed. I can attest to you that every episode just gets better and better, even if the initial episodes seem very confusing. I think you need to watch up to at least the fourth episode to fully understand the power of Healer and why so many people are obsessed with the drama. To be honest, I tried watching other dramas in between and I really couldn’t get into them. I just lived and breathed Healer all day and everyday. I would even listen to the OST every night before falling asleep in bed every night. Dramatic, I know. However, if you asked any Healer fan, it’s not a surprising thing at all.

It’s very rare for me to have such intense and strong reactions to a drama, I can say Healer is the first. I mean, I think it’s my first time ever feeling my heart race or suddenly beat faster than usual while watching a drama. I usually get the feels when watching dramas, but Healer just brings it to a whole other level. I think the emotions felt can only truly be understood if you watch the drama yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so emotionally invested in a drama till now. Sometimes before watching a new episode, I always try to mentally prepare for the feels, but Healer always ends surprising me in a good way of course.

I just loved everything about this drama, from all our layered characters, phenomenal acting, smart writing and dialogue, directing, music, etc. Everything was just done so wonderfully. Each episode was a bit of everything, from suspense, action, mystery, romance, and comedy. One great thing Healer was able to do was keep up the consistent flow throughout the whole entire drama, I never felt bored. Usually dramas hit what I call that “slump” period where it just feels slow, boring, while waiting for action to happen, but not Healer. Almost every episode kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. All our characters as mentioned in my first review have so much depth and extremely well written. You start to care about everyone and all of their interactions. Another wonderful thing about the drama was that it was free from all the standard K-drama clichés and tropes, none of the noble idiocy and misunderstandings. Straight up communication, especially between our OTP which quite frankly is quite a breath of fresh air, especially if you’re a long time drama watcher like I am. I also appreciated that all our characters were very smart and didn’t like to dwell on things.

Of course I gotta talk about our OTP which was probably the main reason why I think everyone loved Healer so much. The acting and chemistry was just all there, it’s what us fans called that Healer magic. I just adored our OTP, their unyielding trust, faith and love for each other was incredibly moving beyond words. Jeong Hoo and Young Shin’s romance was such a slow burn and the anticipation was so real, but it was so worth it in the end. I loved how every episode always included those special magical moments between our OTP that just made us swoon and brought tears to our eyes. And those hands, who could EVER forget those hands?? I think in my head, it was constantly screaming that they’re just so perfect for each other in every way.

I have a strong attachment to all our characters, especially Jeong Hoo. All his personas are very much a part of him. Even Bong Soo you realized isn’t a fake disguise, but is very much an extension of his personality displaying his social awkwardness and emotions. As Healer, he’s calm, cool and very skilled at his line work. You learn later on how lonely he really is because he’s never existed in what we call the real world, but thrives in the dark shadows. Ji Chang Wook expressed all those sides of his character perfectly with so much depth and sincerity. It’s without a doubt to say Ji Chang Wook has incredible acting skills and charisma that can really move the hearts of people.

Oh and I also have to mention the OST again and just how much I LOVE it so much. I love every song and it fit so perfectly with the drama and our characters. I normally don’t care much for the instrumentals and usually just like the songs, but I love love love the instrumental music in Healer. I’m actually listening to them right now as I’m writing this review. I gotta say music can invoke very powerful emotions and it’s making me tear up as we speak. For every instrumental track, I can pinpoint exactly the emotions and the scenes in my head being portrayed every time I hear it. For example, whenever I hear Track 1 which is the signature Healer instrumental, a smile breaks upon my face and I feel this wave of excitement within me every single time, no jokes. That Healer power man, it’s just truly magical.

Healer is truly an exceptional gem you discover once in a blue moon I think. There’s no such thing as a perfect drama, but to me it was the perfect drama experience. It never let me down and even surprised me along the way with the execution of the story. To that I’m really happy and satisfied. To add to the wonderful experience, was all the fans I met online and chatted with every week about Healer, how we just bonded over our love for the show. It’s too bad the ratings in Korea did not reflect how great this drama was. Then again I never really paid much attention to ratings. To me, ratings does not always equal to the quality of a drama. Healer exploded internationally and I really hope that the cast and crew know how much Healer is loved overseas. Thank you so much for this great fun ride the past 3 months! I think I need to re-watch the drama again. Healer fans you’re all still alive and sane right?

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4 thoughts on “Final Words: Healer

  1. Fannie,

    Great summary. Way to add the watch until ep. 4 in there! People need to know!

    It’s kind of hilarious how all true Healer fans add that bit where we say “Yes. Healer isn’t perfect but it was perfect in my eyes”, which is all that matters right?

    Oh, the OTP. Too many feels! I kind of need to go re-watch all their scenes again. And I agree about the instrumentals! So good.

    Monday and Tuesdays will never be the same again.


    • Thanks dearie!! I wasn’t quite hooked after the first 2 episodes and it wasn’t till 4 that that really got me, and people really need to know that.

      Yes it’s perfect in our eyes and that’s all that really matters in the end haha. It’s that Healer magical spell working on us!

      I know the Mon-Tues empty void is so real… 😦

  2. With more time and space between me and Healer, the shine is wearing off the drama but not off the experience I had with it. I don’t normally live watch and I wait until I can marathon a show but I think I would have missed SO much if I did that with Healer. Waiting for subs, watching the minute they were ready, immediately hopping on Twitter and rehashing our thoughts and feelings (sometimes until 3am), doing it all again in the DB comments the next day… It made Monday and Tuesday special. And that was all due to the fans and the wonderful acting and the genuine momentum and magic of the moment. Like lightening in a bottle. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

    • Watching a drama aired live and marathoning is definitely 2 different experiences. I enjoy watching it live more sometimes because you have some something to look forward to every week, even though the wait can be painful. I always enjoy the experience of chatting with other fans and reading comments. It’s something about being there during the moment when the drama is airing, whereas waiting till its all over you kind of miss the momentum and craze/hype at the time.
      I think Healer will always a special place in my heart and I’ll always remember the great memories that it brought me. The perfect drama watching experience 🙂

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