Review: Sweden Laundry


Aww man… I really enjoyed this drama but I gotta say I’m pretty disappointed by the ending or rather the last 4-5 episodes. I think this is the worst thing that can happen to a drama watcher, to be watching an entire drama for several weeks only to be hugely let down by the ending. I already sensed this would happen but the optimist in me still kept a glimmer of hope that maybe the ending would wrap things up nicely. Nope, it did not.

Back tracking a bit. This drama completely flew under radar for me but I somehow managed to catch it while watching it in between the week while waiting for Healer. What’s the drama about? According to Drama Wiki, it’s a comedy-fantasy drama that depicts the simplicity of people’s daily lives and the characters’ psychology through the eyes of a woman, who has the superpower to see through people’s concerns in terms of love, friendship, career and others. It will center the story of a second daughter of a family who has nothing but sorrow and sourness in her as she’d been compared to her well-off siblings. She is also the owner of a Swedish laundry and has the ability to see people’s concerns through their laundry.

I really enjoyed the first 11 episodes of the drama, its not your typical drama but each episode has its own little story arc where our heroine Bom is helping different people solve their problems. What really sold me the show was the cute and fun teamwork between Bom (Song Ha Yoon) and Soo Chul (Changjo of Teen Top) and how the worked together to solve problems. It was really silly and probably a little over the top at times, but hey its not those kind of serious dramas. I also adored Soo Chul’s noona crush on Bom. He was so caring towards Bom and always took care of her whenever he could. So sweet! However after Soo Chul’s confession, our “Spring Couple” were split apart for pretty much the remainder episodes. It was then you realized the real magic of the show was these 2 characters. I really didn’t like how our two main characters, especially Bom completely lost focus and they barely got any screen time. The writing for the last few episodes did not make any sense what so ever. We find out Bom is actually the real biological daughter but she was treated horribly by her mother did not make any sense. A lot of screen time went disproportionately to her family members. I think what really angered people who did watch the drama was that Bom and Soo Chul never had a proper ending. Everything went well in the end for Bom’s family but what about Bom herself? Her grandma just suddenly took away her powers just like that? At the very last minute, Bom does seem to realize that she does have some feelings for Soo Chul but doesn’t say anything. Soo Chul just goes off to US to work and Bom doesn’t even make a confession. It would have been great if she said something like “I know this is really late, but I realized I do have feelings for you. I’ll really miss you and I’ll wait for your to return” I would have been so much happier even if they left it just like that without a even having followup cut to 1 year later.

I really do understand the frustrations and anger from fans of the drama. It almost feels like we did waste 16 hours watching a drama to be utterly disappointed in the end. It’s really sad that a drama that was potentially a really fun and lighthearted was completely ruined by the terrible writing in the last 4 episodes. If you haven’t watched the drama already, I don’t really recommend watching it because you’ll be really disappointed. But if you really do want to watch it, just watch the first 11 episodes only because they were genuinely fun but you won’t get a satisfying conclusion is my warning.



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