Ji Soo


Hello loves! Sorry its been a while since I’ve updated! No worries, I’m still alive and well, and of course still watching dramas! Is it much of a surprise to say I’ve found my #2 IT guy of the year already? No, probably not. My current IT guy is none other than rookie actor Ji Soo who plays Bok Dong in Angry Mom! Those who are currently watching the show, I’m sure know who I’m talking about with all the latest buzz surrounding this very talented guy. He’s my current *best thing ever* at the moment!

Bok Dong is my favorite character in Angry Mom and I always look forward to his scenes in the drama. Even though his role isn’t very big, nor does he have a lot of screen time, but he sure shines every time he appears. He’s such a scene stealer, that charisma and presence of his is no joke. I think Ji Soo has a great career ahead of him and I really can’t wait to see his future works.

People on the Internet clearly love him too and not only me. Just look at all the love on Twitter he’s been getting below! I love how every week when there’s new Angry Mom’s episodes, we would all be swooning over Ji Soo.

jisootwitter01 jisootwitter02 jisootwitter03 jisootwitter04 jisootwitter05 jisootwitter06 jisootwitter07 jisootwitter08 jisootwitter09 jisootwitter10

I tried to find out more about Ji Soo but unfortunately there’s barely any information online. Instead I’d keep getting 3-4 other Ji Soo’s who were all women haha. However after some digging around, I was able to find out that his first major film he starred in was an indie Filipino film Seoul Mates. The film itself seems quite interesting, so I’d love to watch it when it becomes available as it seems to be screening at various film festivals at the moment. Through that information I was able to find out that Ji Soo was originally a JYP trainee but had quit to focus more on acting. Another thing I had to find out was his age. I was a little worried I was fan-girling over an under-aged boy since he’s playing a high schooler in Angry Mom. Everyone, you can put your worries aside because our Ji Soo had just turned 22 last month (March 30, 1993)!! *Phew*

Do check out Angry Mom if you haven’t already. It’s a really great drama and quite different from regular K-dramas that we regularly see. The whole ensemble cast is wonderful with great performances all around, especially Ji Soo. Don’t wait, go watch it now. Bok Dongie is waiting for you!~

jisoo07 jisoo08 jisoo09jisoo01jisoo02jisoo03jisoo05jisoo06CC7zTX3WIAA3OZICCQOxUHWMAA0FeDCCwR-OaVEAEv94YCDVY4lOUUAApQAVCDVY4xmUMAAG8HKCDVY5i4UEAIZhUJjsoo1jsoo2jsoo3


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