Mini Reviews: Kill Me Heal Me, Angry Mom, School 2015, Ex-Girlfriend Club



Wow this drama sure has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and I can’t believe it’s officially over now. It’s been a beautiful journey watching drama. I think for a lot of us, we had plenty of doubts with the drama because the production had a difficult time with the casting and hearing about the absurd storyline about a man who has 7 personalities. Both of those signs in the early stages definitely indicated huge red flags and most people believed it was going to be a terrible mess. Boy were we proven wrong and I’m so happy for that.

The great casting and writing was what really made the drama. You can’t deny that it Ji Sung is the one who carried the show playing our hero (er… heroes, heroines? lol) and what a brilliant actor he is in portraying all 7 personalities. Ji Sung portrayed each one with so much depth and distinctness, from his simple tweaking of facial expressions and body movements. He was so immersed into his roles, and you’d keep thinking to yourself “Wow what is the limits of this man’s acting?” I’m glad the previous actors like Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi rejected the drama because I really can’t picture them playing all the 7 personalities as amazing as Ji Sung did. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I kept saying time and time again that Ji Sung deserves all the acting awards this year, all the daesangs!! If he doesn’t, I’m going to fly to Korea and protest!

The whole cast was great and they had wonderful chemistry together. Hwang Jung Eum and my cutie pie Park Seo Joon were all great in their roles. The story itself was quite exceptional in depicting Dissociative Identity Disorder and gave us viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to have the disorder plus a deeper understanding of it. The drama also addressed child abuse which is something that isn’t to often talked about, but I’m glad this drama addressed it and created new discussions among the community on the issue. This drama was just outstanding overall from the story and acting. After you watch the drama it will leave a strong lasting impression and won’t be forgotten easily.



I’d say Angry Mom is in my top 3 dramas of 2015 so far, along with Kill Me Heal Me and Healer. It’s one of those rare dramas without romance (except for cute one-sided crushes) that I really enjoyed (Another one was Ghost staring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee). Angry Mom’s story actually comes from the winner of the 2014 MBC Scenario Contest. Off the bat it’s a really unique story, different from your stereotypical K-drama. It addresses bullying and it ended up being a lot darker than I had expected. However, you’ll be surprised how true to life our characters and situations that occurs is a reflection of what happens in our modern society. Needless to say, after this drama I can never look at politicians or people in positions of power the same way ever again.

I loved the entire cast, everyone from Kim Hee Sun, Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, Ji Soo and Baro. They all had great chemistry and all put on a great performance together. My favorite thing about the drama was helping to introduce new rookie actor Ji Soo. He’s a true break-out star from the drama. This drama should be on your must-watch list!



Loved this drama! It’s definitely in my top 5 this year. It was a really interesting youth drama mixed with romance and mystery thriller elements. Kim So Hyun was absolutely wonderful playing the twin sisters Eun Bi and Eun Byul. I can’t believe she’s only like 16? This girl has quite the career ahead of her and I really look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. I adored our two male leads too, Nam Joo Hyuk and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae. A lot of people shipped Eun Bi and Tae Kwang but I always knew since the beginning that Yi Ahn would be the end game. I mean look at the poster, it was telling enough haha. I was in the minority being a Eun Bi and Yi Ahn shipper even though I adored Tae Kwang too, he was such a sweetheart. Do give this drama a watch if you haven’t already.



I really enjoyed this drama in the beginning because for the first time I felt Song Ji Hyo’s acting has improved significantly playing the character Kim Soo Jin. In her last drama Emergency Couple, I only saw Ji Hyo as herself and not really Oh Jin Hee. I also thought she had really great chemistry with Byun Yo Han compared to all her previous male co-stars. I enjoyed the drama because of Soo Jin’s character along with the whole being friend-zoned thing and missed timing between friends. It just felt super relatable.

I thought the ex-girlfriends were super funny and had such a great dynamic together but I found them annoying after they started getting in the way of our OTP. The drama got cut down to 12 episodes due to dismal ratings. But honestly after Soo Jin and Myung Soo got together there wasn’t much of a plot or storyline to continue on for another 4 episodes. It was probably best they had cut it down. Not the best drama out there but very watchable, especially if you like any of the lead actors.



You’re probably questioning why on earth did I watch this drama? I’m still asking that question to myself. I think at the time I was really bored and I just needed something to watch (plus I’m kind of a sucker for vampire stories shh). The drama overall had a terrible plot and the acting was pretty atrocious by both leads. I pretty much watched it with my brain turned off, or had it playing in the background while doing something else. Even if you watched it with half of your attention, you really don’t miss out on much. I’d say skip this one, unless you’re really bored or you’re a super fan of the lead actors.


5 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Kill Me Heal Me, Angry Mom, School 2015, Ex-Girlfriend Club

  1. I haven’t watched any on this list! I’ve been so behind on dramas that I’m only now catching up that it’s all overwhelming. I’ve heard so many good things about Angry Mum and Kill Me Heal Me though, and was planning to watch them. Glad you see you liked both and reminds me to keep them high on my every-growing to-watch list 🙂

    • Oh you must watch Kill Me Heal Me and Angry Mom if you don’t watch anything else this year! Love to hear your opinions about the dramas. Right now I’m really into I Remember You, it’s also a unique story and not your typical Kdrama as well.

      • Heard good things about I Remember You too so that looks like a possibility! I may start KMHM first, since I’m in the mood for something lighter. It IS lighter fare, right??

    • Haha KMHM is “lighter” than AM but it does get darker towards the latter half. It’s an emotional ride but so worth it! I think it’s good you’re watching it in that order too.

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