Fan-girl Ramblings #27 – Lee Hyun’s Wardrobe


I’m still going through the I Remember You withdrawal symptoms and I haven’t been in the mood to start any new dramas. This is what always happens when you finish watching a great drama. Sigh, Mondays and Tuesdays will feel empty again. How am I going to fill the void?

Anyways I wanted to do another post aboutΒ I Remember You and this is more of a shallow post since it didn’t quite fit with my review of the drama. One thing I really admired was the great wardrobe that Seo In Guk rocked in this drama. Normally I would pay more attention to the female clothing but Lee Hyun’s style was just so on point. I am no way a fashion expert but I do appreciate nice looking clothing, even men’s clothing. I even follow a couple of accounts on Instagram for men’s fashion lol. Hey, it never hurts if a man can dress well right?

My personal favorites clothing pieces that I liked on Seo In Guk was his button-up shirts and the more casual knit sweaters. From what I observed, Lee Hyun’s clothing is mainly neutral colors which I think is appropriate for his character since he isn’t a flashy type of person. Anyways this was probably just an excuse to skim through the drama again, make more screencaps and drool over how sexy Seo In Guk is. Check out my top picks from Lee Hyun’s wardrobe for you to all admire!

Episode 1

ep1-blueblazer ep1-blueblazer02 ep1-blueblazer03

Episode 2

ep2-greyblazer ep2-greyblazer02

Episode 3

ep3-navywhitestripshirt ep3-navywhitestripshirt02 ep3-stripcollarsuitcombo ep3-stripcollarsuitcombo02

Episode 4

ep4-denimshirt01 ep4-denimshirt02

Episode 5

ep5-whiteshirtblackcolorblock ep5-whiteshirtblackcolorblock02 ep5-whitetshirt ep5-whitetshirt02

Episode 6

ep6-greycolorblocksweater ep6-greycolorblocksweater02

Episode 7

ep7-whiteonwhite ep7-whiteonwhite02

Episode 8

ep8-greybuttonup ep8-greyshirtblackpants01 ep8-lightdenimshirtgreytrousers01 ep8-lightdenimshirtgreytrousers02

Episode 9

ep9-graphictee ep9-greyblazersalmonshirt ep9-greyblazersalmonshirt02ep9-navywhitestripsweater02

Episode 10


Episode 11

ep11-blackgreenwhitestrip ep11-blacklongsleeve ep11-greyblazergreenshirt ep11-salmonsweater

Episode 12

ep12-bluebuttonup ep12-greysweater

Episode 13

ep13-greystripsweater ep13-beigewhitecolorblockcardigan

Episode 14

ep14-greywhitecolorblocksweater ep14-greywhitecolorblocksweater01 ep14-navycardiganstripes

Episode 15

ep15-whitegreycolorblockcardigan ep-15whitegreycolorblockcardigan02 ep15-greybuttonup

Episode 16

ep16-greymonotonecolorblock ep15-brownbluewhiteminhyun ep16-brownbluewhiteminhyun02 ep16-blazerstrips ep16-blazerstrips02


4 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #27 – Lee Hyun’s Wardrobe

  1. Okay, now you have made me want to go back and watch it again! This and Pinocchio were my favorites by far this year. (Healer was great until the last two episodes– what is it about Kdramas not being able to stick the landing?!)

  2. YEP!!
    He sure so hot for Lee Hyun 😍😍
    and i do think that bcoz of his masculine that makes any outfits look ao damn good on him :”)

    Anyway, thxz for making me wanna watch the whole eps. again! LoL

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