Mid-Point Review: She Was Pretty


I’ve been anticipating She Was Pretty since news about it was first announced. Main reason for watching is obviously duh Park Seo Joon! It’s also his first leading role at a major network, so it’s definitely exciting. He’s paired off with Hwang Jung Eum whom he just worked with not long ago in Kill Me Heal Me. They played faux-siblings but you could tell they had this undeniable chemistry together. So I’ve been excited to see these two working together again.

I just finished watching the current 8 episodes. To be honest, this drama doesn’t really have much of a plot as the whole switcheroo story about Hye Jin’s hidden identity to Sung Joon. I also knew that it would be a while before Sung Joon finds out who is the the real Kim Hye Jin from his childhood. Otherwise, if he had found out so early on, we wouldn’t have much of a drama now would we? What really carries this drama for me is definitely the ensemble cast and their wonderful chemistry together.

From the first episode, Park Seo Joon was already making us swoon and our hearts flutter. The feels just happened so fast, I wasn’t even ready. However fast forward to episodes 2-4 and we see the mean jerk side of Sung Joon at the work place. At first I was a little bit put off by his extremely mean behavior, but I knew like Hye Jin that deep down inside is the kind and sweet boy she knew when they were kids. Why is it that Kdramas always have to make the lead guy a jerk? Anyways, soon enough we do see that side of Sung Joon and I just have to say Park Seo Joon is just perfect as the super caring, nice sweet guy type as witnessed from Witch’s Romance. His million dollar smile is just to die for. He really should be careful with that weapon of his because he’s slaying all the girls around the world. I feel like Park Seo Joon is just absolutely perfect for romantic comedies and should just always do them. However, of course I do want him to grow as an actor and take on different roles to build on his career which I know is going to be amazing. I also realized Seo Joon has such amazing chemistry with all of his co-stars. I’ve read in one of his interviews where he got asked about his chemistry and he said that he really takes the time to get to know his fellow co-stars and be comfortable with them. I dunno why, but when I read that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Okay I’m kinda going off into a tangent now. I do believe though if Hye Jin did meet up with him as herself, he would still like her and would accept her in a heartbeat because he didn’t really love her for looks. It was because she was his first real friend who stood by him during his difficult times. For such a significant person who made a huge influence in your life, I think looks will not matter as much when you want to meet them again.

Moving on to Hwang Jung Eum who plays our heroine Kim Hye Jin. I think she’s a wonderful actress but I do wish she would tone it down a bit especially with the shrieking/screaming (same thing in Kill Me Heal Me as well). It is pretty hard to buy Jung Eum as being ugly, but I totally understand her conflict in not wanting to ruin that perfect first love image he had of her because he was an important person she had before everything went downhill for her. It’s one of her sweetest memories and I understood why she wanted so badly to preserve it. Her chemistry with Seo Joon is definitely a different kind of feeling from their previous roles as faux-siblings Ri On and Ri Jin in Kill Me Heal Me, which is a testament to their great acting. Also on a bit of a random note, wouldn’t it be perfect if Ji Sung made a cameo later on in the drama? Yo Na please!

I’m so disappointed with Go Jun Hee’s Ha Ri. Initially, I loved the friendship between Hye Jin and Ha Ri and I was hoping that she wouldn’t throw it away for another guy… even if the guy is Seo Joonie. *weeps* But low and behold, she really did it and pretty much threw away her 20 year friendship for a guy she just met. She just constantly keeps lying both to her best friend and Sung Joon. I don’t know how she can be truly happy when she’s pretending to be someone else. Also now that she’s dating him, does she not realize eventually she would have to introduce him to Hye Jin one day? She isn’t the smartest cookie, I’ll say. I guess being in love does make you do all kinds of crazy things sometimes doesn’t it? And when you’re acting purely just on your emotions alone. I really hope Ha Ri does redeem herself later and the friendship won’t be completely ruined.

Choi Siwon’s Shin Hyuk at the start was too cartoony and over-the-top for me, so I really couldn’t take him seriously in the beginning. However, over the course of the drama I grew to like Shin Hyuk because as a typical second lead he’s genuinely a very nice and considerate guy. Best of all, he liked Hye Jin from the very beginning with the frizzy hair, mom jeans and all. Still, I am not shipping him and Hye Jin like a lot of people are. It’s because I see that special bond that Hye Jin and Sung Joon shared together since childhood. Even though it’s been many years since they’ve seen each other, you can see that undeniable connection that neither Ha Ri or Shin Hyuk has with them.

With that said, I’m still really loving and enjoying the drama very much. I really do look forward to when Sung Joon does discover his Hye Jin because the poor guy is just so confused and is about to have a mental breakdown soon. I’m curious how will he find out and will he discover Hye Jin is the real deal or Ha Ri is a fake first? I know Sung Joon is going to really regret how he treated Hye Jin at first, but I have faith that he’ll definitely make it up to her with his smiles and sweetness. I just know it’s going to be magical and feels-worthy.

Oh and how could I forget to mention how HOT Seo Joonie is in this drama? I mean I always knew he was hot but DANG he is just so frickin fiiiiine like a tall glass of wine in this drama! *wipes drool off keyboard*

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Point Review: She Was Pretty

  1. I love this drama. I anxiously wait for the next episode each week. The cast is perfect. Hwang Jung Eum is undeniably perfect as Hye Jin. I freggin love her as Hye Jin. It’s funny how I didn’t like her character in “Heal Me, Kill Me” as I thought she was annoying. But oddly, I love Hye Jin and I cant get enough of her weirdness, over the top shrieks and expressions. Maybe it’s because Hye Jin isn’t your typical beautiful herione and her afro and ahjummah fashion sense just matches her personality perfectly. Maybe also the fact that I can so relate to her as I’m not a “Ha Ri”. In my honest opinion, HWang Jung Eum is what makes this drama so good and we can’t forget super hot Park Seo Joon. His acting in this drama is by far the best I’ve seen in his career. I too find his character, Ji Sung Joon, a bit too abrasive and I question how he became like that when he wasn’t a meanie as a child. I can understand he’s under pressure from the magazine company to bring up sales and he’s annoyed and cinfused about Hye Jin but it’s not realistic to treat people in that sense. I think that’s the only con I have about his character. I do love when he’s sweet and kind, the way Hye Jin remembers him. And when he smiles, it’s like the sunshine after the rainstorm. HOT AS FAWK!
    Another favorite character of mine is Siwon’s character, Shin Hyuk. I know you and Ann felt different about him but I think he’s freggin hilarious. It’s so refreshing to see Siwon in this light as we all know pretty male idol stars usually play the “cool handsome” heros in dramas. So to see Siwon take on this dorky fun role made me like him even more. His character seems like a person I want to hang out with in real life. I also like that his character is caring and humble. I find his character has good judgements on people and situations. I curious to know more about his true “chaebol” identity and why he’s hiding from the public.
    I’m not too familiar with the actress, Go Jun Hee, but I must say I think she’s so freggin pretty. She’s so hot with her short hair that I want to chop off all my long locks just to look like her. I know everyone is hating her character, Min Ha Ri, at this moment for being a “first love” stealer but how can you blame her when it’s freggin Park Seo Joon! LMAO! But in all seriousness, yes it’s a bitch ass move of her to do and we all know you don’t to that to your BFF. That’s like girl code #1 or…#2 (whatever your perspectives are) but there’s something about Ha Ri that you can’t hate either. She’s sassy and a “boss”. I love that she takes no shit from guys. She’s, hot, smart, independent and fashionable. She’s genuine and loves Hye Jin without a doubt. It’s unfortunate that she developed feelings for Sung Joon (though I must say Go Jun Hee and PSJ lok really good together). I’m curious to see how she will savage her friendship with Hye Jin when all is revealed.
    I love this drama and you know how picky I am about my drama. I will probably watch all the episodes over and over again like I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks. I can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully they’ll have more naked bath scenes of Sung Joon.

  2. I absolutely love this drama so far too. It’s light and funny and I adore Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon. I was so happy to hear they were doing another drama together after Kill Me Heal Me. They’ve definitely proven that their chemistry for this drama is very different from KMHM.

    Kim Hye Jin is so endearingly clumsy and relateable. I can really relate to her. Like when you just get too busy with life, who has time to care about your looks? Not everyone has to be trendy and always looking beautiful. Yet, her character has a really good heart and her own uniqueness. I don’t mind her antics at all.

    A lot of people have a beef with Ji Sung Joon being mean to Hye Jin, but I’m gonna defend him. Normally I don’t like jerk characters much, but for Sung Joon, I’m watching his character and seeing much more than just what happens in the “moment”. First off, we already have a background story on him. We know he had a traumatic past, was outcast and bullied, even after Hye Jin befriended him. Now, I’m not making excuses for people who commit crimes, but we’ve seen what bullying can do to some people. We have only to look at all the school shootings related to bullying. That sounds extreme, but it’s not a secret that bullied kids are quite damaged. I think that Sung Joon sees in Hye Jin the person whom he used to be, someone who let people push him around. He probably hated himself back then and therefore couldn’t stand Hye Jin either, since she reminds him of the past. Everyone says they like Shin Hyuk because he likes Hye Jin for who she is, but we can say the same for Sung Joon. We’ve already been shown that he’s starting to fall for her for who she is. Her makeover hasn’t happened yet. She’s still the same crazy Hye Jin with big, frizzy hair. If he was the shallow type he’d be falling for Ha Ri, which clearly he isn’t.

    As for Shin Hyuk, I’m starting to tolerate him more because he’s now getting more character development, but still not enough. We still haven’t gotten enough of his background aside from the hint back in the early episodes. He was too cartoony for me. Sung Joon described him with the word I was looking for: slimy. I’ll add greasy to that too. Even Hye Jin can’t fall for a guy like that; someone who’s always just pulling pranks on her and not serious.

    As for Ha Ri, I think everyone has pretty much said it: she’s broken the girl code. I don’t care if she thinks she’s in love. A lifetime friendship is way more important than an uncertain romance, and one based off lies makes it even worse. I liked her friendship with Hye Jin, but she clearly didn’t. I just wish K Dramas would have more awesome friendships portrayed. Usually when they do, the friend is not a very significant character.

    I’m liking the pace of the drama so far. Unlike other viewers demanding for a makeover, I’m quite happy to see Hye Jin as frizzy haired Hye Jin. It’s all essential to the plot. I mean why do girls gotta go be all shallow and demand for a beautiful character, when the whole point of this drama is about the beauty inside. Also, the part about him finding out she’s his Hye Jin is obviously going to come later, as it’s the whole point of the plot. As soon as he find outs we don’t have much of a plot left. There needs to be time in between for other things to develop so that when everything is revealed, it’s harder to resolve everyone’s feelings.

  3. I really like this drama so it’s great to read your review on it! The show’s just so enjoyable and lighthearted. And it’s nice that it features changes in all of the characters from the moment they are kids to the time they are adults. A lot of dramas have the same fixed character from beginning to end, so it’s nice to see human growth and error the same way you would off-screen, with both progressing flaws and qualities in each of them.

    Also I think it’s really refreshing to have characters like the bestie, because as annoying her decisions were, you really felt bad and conflicted/frustrated at and for her. I just couldn’t come to hate her even if I thought she was being ridiculous. She wasn’t the typical nasty evil best friend with deliberately ill intentions, but more of the human best friend who just couldn’t come to face confrontation with her problems and emotions instead. Hye Jin is a sweetheart, and the overall drama makes you question how much value and forgiveness you can place in your own friendships/where and how to draw the line.

    I’m really hoping on the drama to show us how they salvage their friendship and bring them all together. This drama definitely makes you feel a lot more involved in the relationships between the characters, so that makes them all the more treasurable!

    Really nice drama. And fun thoughtful reviews! Keep reviewing Blacksesame! 🙂

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