Fan-girl Ramblings #28 – Moon River (Episodes 15-18)

Gah this drama is my addiction right now! I can’t get enough of it! Moon River is just so awesome for me because of our OTP Ming Xiao Xi and Mu Liu Bing played by Pets Tseng and Sam Lin. The two of them together is just gold! Their cuteness overload is too much sometimes, I’m getting more cavities from all the sweetness while watching the drama. Anyways I just wanted to share some of my top favorite scenes from this week’s episodes. So we can just all swoon, coo and smile like fools… or is that just me?

Episodes 15

moonriver15-01 moonriver15-02 moonriver15-03 moonriver15-04 moonriver15-05

LB: Why are you crying? It’s not like we can’t come back.
XX: I get sad whenever I think of being bullied again at Guang Yu.
LB: Please, when have you ever been bullied at Guang Yu?
XX: You just don’t know.
LB: Okay, then tell me who is bullying you. I’ll help you blow off steam. Okay? -pause- Are you kidding me? Who would dare bully my girlfriend? Right?

Episode 16

moonriver16-01 moonriver16-02 moonriver16-03 moonriver16-04

Xiao Xi pulls up the blanket for Liu Bing who’s sleeping on the couch. He wakes up and grabs her hand. She asks if it’s really okay to be sleeping in the living room. He just looks at her with those eyes and kisses her hand OMO OMO! Then he just turns over to the other side leaving Xiao Xi totally shocked. In a voice over, Liu Bing says “Ming Xiao Xi, ever since the moment you got bitten by the snake, I think I realized what I need to do. I really, really don’t want to lose a stupid girl like you.” *collective sigh*

moonriver16-05 moonriver16-06 moonriver16-07 moonriver16-08 moonriver16-09moonriver16-10

Okay, I died laughing during this scene HAHA. Liu Bing spent the morning to cook breakfast for Xiao Xi but you can clearly see the differences between hers and their roommates LOL.

moonriver16-11 moonriver16-12 moonriver16-13 moonriver16-14 moonriver16-15

LB: Xiao Xi, I used to believe that I would never be able to leave this place in my life. Until you appeared, I know I don’t have to come back here anymore. I believe this is my last time coming here. You give me hope. Thank you.

Episode 17

moonriver17-01 moonriver17-02moonriver17-03 moonriver17-04 moonriver17-05 moonriver17-06 moonriver17-07 moonriver17-08 moonriver17-10 moonriver17-11

After getting caught in the rain on their first date, Liu Bing and Xiao Xi take their sweet ol’ time drying off each other’s hair and smiling at each other off in their little world. Their roommates just watch on in envy and comment out loud how they’ve been standing there forever. The couple finally notices them and Xiao Xi says to Liu Bing that she’s tired and thanked him for the date which was really great. Liu Bing just smiles so shyly and says you’re welcome and says he’s tired too, so they should go get some rest. However, they take their sweet ol time parting ways again to their rooms, with Liu Bing constantly turning around to look at Xiao Xi while she takes forever to close her bedroom door. When she finally closes the door she opens it up again and cutely says good night. Gah these two! The sweetness is just too much, I can’t handle it sometimes. I was also thinking during this scene, “Man just go back to sleeping in the same room again like you did originally” LOL.

moonriver17-12 moonriver17-13 moonriver17-14 moonriver17-15 moonriver17-16 moonriver17-17 moonriver17-18 moonriver17-19 moonriver17-20

Xiao Xi tells Liu Bing that they’re invited to Sha Sha house for dinner and Liu Bing clearly doesn’t want to go. But Xiao Xi shows the cutest puppy faces and says it will be their first time going to a dinner as boyfriend and girlfriend. Liu Bing is pretty quick to say yes after Xiao Xi’s adorable pleading. However not to be outshone, Liu Bing isn’t one to lose out to Xiao Xi and unexpectedly pulls out his agyeo and asks if she can not wear her toe socks. OMG I’m gonna become diabetic soon from all the sweetness.

Episode 18

moonriver18-01 moonriver18-02 moonriver18-03 moonriver18-04 moonriver18-05 moonriver18-06

LB: I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about me. You can get back to work. I just wanted to fill myself up with positive energy.
XX: Positive energy? Oh…okay. I’ll help fill you up. Mister, how much positive energy would you like to purchase today?
LB: Please help me fill it all the way up!

*Sigh* these two are just so precious. Please just get married already and have the most adorable babies together!


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