Fan-girl Ramblings #29 – Moon River (Episodes 19-22)

This week’s episodes of Moon River had significantly less cute and fun moments compared to last week. It was also a harder watch for me personally, now that we’ve officially hit that point in the drama with all the angst. If you thought Sha Sha was bad enough, this week we’re introduced to a new character Coco to shake things up even more between our insanely lovable OTP.  Our couple goes through a lot of misunderstandings, miscommunications and plenty of heartache. I believe it’s because both Liu Bing and Xiao Xi are inexperienced when it comes to a relationships as they are each other’s first. Relationships are hard enough as it is and then you throw in conniving people like Sha Sha and Coco around to make things even more complicated. I wanna give lots of brownie points to Che this week for being the voice of reason for our OTP and being a sweet guardian angel for Xiao Xi. I’m so glad that by the end of the week, we were able to end on a happy note with our couple reconfirming their love for each other. *ugly tears*

Episode 19

moonriver19-13 moonriver19-11 moonriver19-12 moonriver19-10

XX: That’s right! I have nothing else better to do and I’m super suspicious. Satisfied? I only know how to wear toe socks. I’m super ugly and narrow-minded. Satisfied?
LB: I was just kidding.
XX: I know! Last time I gave you chicken soup, all your co-workers treated me like an alien, but sending chicken soup in our Phoenix Village is a custom that symbolizes love and care. But you guys only make fun of it.
LB: Dummy. I like it a lot, okay? Alright don’t be angry anymore.
XX: Fine. I don’t care what your co-workers think, but do you really like me sending chicken soup to your office?
LB: Of course. It’s something from your heart. No matter what I’m very happy. Thank you alien.

moonriver19-01 moonriver19-02 moonriver19-03 moonriver19-04 moonriver19-05 moonriver19-06 moonriver19-07 moonriver19-08

LB: Ming Xiao Xi,  you should have more confidence in yourself, okay?
XX: Skating Grandma, why are you saying this all of a sudden?
LB: You’re a very important person in my life. You’ve also given me a lot of strength. Ming Xiao Xi, you’re one of a kind. Understand?  Even if I search the whole universe, I’ll never be able to find someone who can replace a weird alien like you.

Episode 22

moonriver22-01 moonriver22-02 moonriver22-03 moonriver22-04 moonriver22-05 moonriver22-06 moonriver22-07 moonriver22-08 moonriver22-09

LB: Xiao Xi, can you hit me? Really. That way, I won’t feel so shameless for coming back to you. -pause- Really… I feel like I…
XX: Stop talking. Skating Grandma. I love you. I really really love you. Did you know? Did you know that? *hugs* Why didn’t you leave?
LB: Xiao Xi I almost lost the most important thing in my life. I would have regretted it to no end.
XX: Skating Grandma, don’t say that. Really.


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