Sam Lin (子閎)

394845_230376930430065_22494818_nOh boy. Here we go again… so I’ve finally discovered my third IT guy of the year and its Sam Lin (子閎) from the Taiwanese boy-band SpeXial and the lead actor in Moon River, which ya’ll know I’ve been terribly addicted to lately.

I just think Sam is such a gorgeous looking guy. Whether onscreen or in photos, his visuals just capture your attention in an instant. A lot of people have pointed out how he resembles Jong Hyun from CNBLUE and I see it as well the similarities. When Sam smiles, it’s so adorable and warm which totally melts away his cool demeanor when you first see him. He’s pretty young, having just turned only 22 on October 1. He was first discovered in front of a MTR station in Taiwan with his fellow SpeXial member Matthew.

Sam is currently serving his mandatory army service and is set to return next year May/June 2016. Thankfully army service is only 1 year in Taiwan, it used to be two years like Korea but it got reduced to one year not too long ago. I’d say it’s better he’s getting it out of the way now, while his popularity is slowly rising along with the group. Then he can focus on his acting career and group activities. So looking forward to seeing Sam again after he’s done his service. Pets and him are probably sick of working together now but I’d totally love for them to act again in another romantic comedy drama.

I was binge watching some variety shows that SpeXial has been on the past year. From what I noticed, I believe there’s some similarities between Sam and his character Liu Bing in Moon River. Sam gives off that really cool and distant kind of vibe. Like when he doesn’t smile, you would feel afraid to approach him, but then if you get to know him you’ll realize he’s a really cute and funny guy. And you know what? I was actually right because his members has described him as having a 4D personality and weird humor. One member even said he initially felt Sam was difficult to get close to when he didn’t smile. Haha, I can totally see it. I love it when Sam tells stories because he always makes the funniest faces while talking LOL. You can tell how dorky he is from his photos he uploads on social media (below).

I’ve also finished watching KO One Return and Re-Act drama series for Sam and Pets and it was really good. Now I’m looking forward to season 4 next year! The KO One series was Sam’s first drama and I could tell because his acting was still pretty green but I definitely seen the improvements over time. One thing I think he does exceptionally well is crying scenes. The boy just cries so beautifully man, especially when he has emotionally charged scenes with Pets in KO One or Moon River, it just gets me every time. The feels… I’m crying along with them.


As for his group SpeXial, his role in the group is the visual (no duh!) and rapper. However, I noticed Sam also does sing in some of their songs rather than just purely the rapping parts. I don’t think all their roles are set in stone, since I’ve seen Evan rapping in one of their songs. I think Sam sings pretty well too and he’s a lot better dancer than I expected. Check out this fancam video with a focus on Sam dancing to G-Dragon and Tae Yang’s Good Boy here. I admit, I totally died when I watched this. Another thing I noticed about Sam is how always looks so good no matter what hairstyle he’s given. He just has that face that suits any style or look.

I definitely know Sam has gained a lot of fans after Moon River, well you’re looking at one right here haha. I’m looking forward to his return next year and I can see he has a bright future ahead of him. He has the full package already especially with the height and visuals that definitely help. With more dramas under his belt, he’ll definitely develop into a great actor one day. He’s undeniably a rising star in the making, so you better keep an eye on this stud!



2 thoughts on “Sam Lin (子閎)

  1. Finally remembered to come read this. Now that I’ve taken the time to look at him properly, he’s got this Wenhan vibe/look about him 😉

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