You totally knew I would write about a post about SpeXial didn’t you after my Sam Lin post? Well of course I had too because isn’t liking Sam is synonymous with also liking SpeXial?

SpeXial I believe is the next big boy band from Taiwan since F4 and Fahrenheit. The band consists of 10 members. The group originally started out with 4 members Sam (子閎), Wayne (偉晉), Wes (宏正) and Matthew (明杰) in 2012. In 2014  they added 3 new members, Simon (晨翔), Evan and Teddy. Finally, in 2015 they added 3 additional members, Riley, Ian (易恩) and Win (風田). According to an interview, they said the 10 of them haven’t been together all at the same time due to military service and college education commitments. Currently, Sam and Matthew are serving their military service which is why they aren’t currently active with the group. Members Evan and Riley are from Canada (Woo Canada represent!) and Win is Japanese. It’s funny because I originally thought Teddy was actually the Japanese member when I first saw him haha.

I really like SpeXial, they’re such a gorgeous looking group of guys. I’ve been listening to their music and I tend to gravitate towards more of their ballads like Missing You and Can’t Breath Without You. These days I’m really into Love Killah, it’s such an addictive and upbeat song, I’ve got it on replay on my playlist. I gotta say though, their dancing isn’t as great or as tight as Korean idol groups but I can definitely see they’ve improved over time. Taiwan doesn’t really have an idol training regime like South Korea which definitely makes the difference. I think Taiwan isn’t really as well known for idol groups anyways, I personally believe they’re more well known for singer-songwriters such as Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom.

I’ve also been watching a bunch of episodes of 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百) with SpeXial. All the members are really entertaining, they’re all so cute and fun. Besides my bias Sam, I’ve grown to really like Wayne and Win after seeing them on variety shows. Wayne even more now after watching him in KO-One Re-Act. In terms of visuals, the first guy who caught my eye was actually Simon. Anyways, here are the some of the links to the episodes I’ve watched them in. Unfortunately, they aren’t subbed but hopefully they will get subbed later on because they’re definitely worth watching.

You know I actually had a chance to see SpeXial live in person?? The group actually came to Toronto back in August this year as they were the guest performers at Sunshine Nation an annual talent competition. Evan is actually a Sunshine Boy winner from Vancouver. I actually never heard of this group before until I kept seeing the TV ads and hearing on the radio that SpeXial would be in Toronto for this event. I looked them up and saw a couple MVs and thought they were a really good looking group and had some nice songs, but I kinda forgot about them shortly after. It wasn’t until Moon River started airing in September which is when I become hooked with Sam and the group. If only they had aired the drama sooner or they came to Toronto later on, I would have totally went to see them!! Anyways I would have been super mad if Sam had came as well since he’s my bias but he had already left for his military service earlier this year. I was able to at least catch the TV broadcast of the show which aired much later. *Sigh* I really hope they do come back again because artists from Taiwan rarely ever come to Toronto, more so to Vancouver since they have a bigger Chinese and Taiwanese population over there.

Anyways, I really LOVE this group and look forward to seeing more from them and also see all 10 members together one day. They’re becoming really popular now and I believe they’re going to explode all across Asia because they’re really SpeXial (har har har).

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4 thoughts on “SpeXial

  1. Thanks for sharing. Some of their songs is nice! But for taiwan boyband, for now, i like ‘magic power’ songs esp last album mostly are good. But i don’t know each of the members name.

  2. Hahaha, I missed out on their August visit to Toronto too! Sigh! i thought they were only okay back then, and I totally regret it! Anyhow, the website for buying tickets was in Chinese and made my head dizzy from just looking at it. I wonder what’ll happen when Sam and Matthew come back… 10 members seem a little too much. And I’ll think it’ll be really awkward between Matthew and the new members, but i think they’ll be fine! Thanks for the great post

    • Oh wow at least you were able to find the site to buy the tickets, I was searching up online and could barely find anything lol. 10 members is a lot but yet not that uncommon either if you look at Kpop groups. I worried about the same thing, when Matthew returns which is very soon sometime this month. I’m sure it will work out over time just like how the original members had to keep adapting to new members being added haha. Let’s hope they come back here again so we can see them!! And thanks for reading and commenting ^_^

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