Final Words: Moon River


Moon River was so much fun and I sincerely enjoyed it a lot. It provided me with so many laughs and I always looked forward to new episodes every week. I was a little disappointed at the episodes towards the end with Ah Bing’s revenge plot towards Tie Da Qi and the unnecessary sacrifices and angst. I think that is a problem that many Taiwanese dramas have, where they always start off really promising but towards the end they always seem to mess up or make it fall short of expectations. However, I’m quite satisfied with the ending even though Tie’s change of heart was rather quick but whatever he’s not important. I really appreciated the long talk between Xiao Xi and Liu Bing at the end where they talked about everything that had happened, clarified their misunderstandings and most importantly reconfirmed their love and importance to each other.

What made a lot of people disappointed in Ah Bing was that he always kept things to himself and didn’t want help from others, even Xiao Xi. Like his friends said, he’s really independent and has a lot of pride. It was really touching though when Ah Bing explained after that Xiao Xi was the best thing to ever happen in his life, he didn’t want to share that darkness and pain he’s had with the Tie family.

I appreciated it when Xiao Xi chose to break it off with Ah Bing during that revenge plot and that she acknowledged he was always making her cry. So it was probably best they had some time away from each other. However, with that time apart they both wished for a miracle to be able to go back to the beginning, when they had a pure and simple love for each other. I loved how Xiao Xi had said she would find a miracle and if she couldn’t find one, she would create a miracle herself. Of course the miracle they both wished for had come true and I couldn’t be more happier.

Ah Che was definitely the epitome of second lead syndrome. He’s like the guardian angel that every girl should have in their life. Che was always so calm, gentle and understanding. He just wanted Xiao Xi to be happy and he’d be happy just being by her side liking her. Do guys like this even exist in this world? If there is, please tell me where I can get one and how much?

Another favorite character for me was Lucy played by Hannah Quinlivan (Jay Chou’s wife). I loved her, she was such a hilarious character even though she was a part of Sha Sha’s squad. One of the most memorable scenes was when she was out drinking with Rui Xi. He drunkenly said he had no looks or money, so no one would anyone want to date him. Lucy said it was okay because everything he doesn’t have, she has so he doesn’t need to worry. Then she pulls out a big wad of cash and gives it to Rui Xi, declaring they were dating now. LOL this girl is so jokes.

There was a lot of comments that were complaining why Xiao Xi didn’t get a makeover and continued to dress badly. Honestly, I’m glad they didn’t change her looks because that’s what makes her Xiao Xi. She liked the way she dressed and she was very confident about it, so I really don’t see anything wrong with it. I was proud of her too when she refused to give up her toe socks either because like she said it’s her signature look. It’s not like she didn’t know how to dress appropriately for different occasions. For example, the time when she was invited to Sha Sha’s dinner party, she was searching for the dress she wore previously at the dance. So girls (and guys) just wear whatever you want as long as you feel good and happy, it’s good to give zero f**ks sometimes about what people think.

In terms of acting, there was definitely some disparities. I think Pets was better at acting compared to the rest of the lead cast. Sam as mentioned previously is still pretty raw and you can see he’s lacking emotional depth required in certain scenes. I felt the same with Evan as well, but I believe this is his very first drama. However with time and more chances to act, there will definitely be improvements. So add oil Sam and Evan! It’s really the cast and their chemistry together that made this drama special.

This drama wasn’t the greatest and definitely has its flaws and typical clichés since it is an adaption of a novel, but I enjoyed it for what it is, that’s what really matters in the end right? Most importantly it helped introduce me to Sam Lin, Pets Tseng and SpeXial whom I’ve became huge fans of. I’m genuinely sad though that I won’t get to see Sam and Pets every week anymore (and Xiao Xi’s colorful toe socks lol). I really hope they get to do another drama together in the future.


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