Fan-girl Ramblings #30 – Everyone’s Favorite Reply 1988 Little Sister Jin Joo!

1689860_1641261569466870_1654804518_nI’m currently watching Reply 1988 and it’s my favorite show at the moment. I love the drama so much. It’s so heartwarming with the focus on family rather than the “who’s-the-husband” romance story that occurred in the previous two installments. I’ll probably write a review of the entire drama when it finishes airing in January.

Anyways going back to this post, I wanted to gush about Sun Woo’s (Go Kyung Pyo) baby sister Jin Joo (played by child actress Kim Seul) because she’s just the most adorable little thing ever. I love her relationship with Sun Woo and how he’s such great oppa. I always wished I had an older sibling that adored and loved me like Sun Woo does with Jin Joo. Clearly, I’m not the only one who adores her but so does the entire cast of the drama!

10175325_1650234695257291_1120045218_n 11934850_1682312748721751_1787087201_n 11939401_508621705966180_228789675_n 12230949_504043539777172_1400519610_n 12237499_1530494550601697_1520148936_n 12256591_907916019255831_1711398711_n 12276974_1670238813234731_806287740_n 12299025_1060610963970106_1498531707_n 12301242_1051437124887423_1659085118_n 12301388_1500213240273932_194275918_n 12317703_850623175036263_1019163034_n 12317707_911462142295099_1928411744_n 12331702_1191732390840600_897661077_n 12354008_444401725759735_1150511879_n 12356617_762183617246902_1590412733_n 12362484_1001923986531417_1795017515_n


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