Fan-girl Ramblings #31 – Chansung and Liu Yan on Let’s Go Go Go!

CUVHf2WVEAAuzNcSo I just found out recently that Chansung and Liu Yan had reunited again for a new Chinese variety show called Let’s Go Go Go! This marks their third time working together again and oh yeah, I couldn’t be happier. I coincidentally found out while YouTube surfing and came across the show. It’s a variety show with the theme of treasure hunting, the cast members play games every week to seek out clues to find a treasure. Chansung is one of the fixed cast members and the only Korean member of the show. Liu Yan was only a guest on the first two episodes. It’s too bad she couldn’t be a fixed guest with the rest of the guys so we could see more of her interactions with Chansung.

As mentioned previously, it’s so nice to seeing Chansung and Liu Yan still so comfortable around each other and their skinship is so natural too. I loved how Chansung always instinctively protected and watched over Liu Yan throughout the show. My favorite scene was when the cage unexpectedly exploded and Chansung just threw himself behind Liu Yan to protect her. Not going to lie, I re-watched that part so many times it’s not even funny. It was like a scene from a drama and Chansung was just so manly! *swoons* It was so funny how one of the members pointed out how the rest of the guys were so quick to run away and only Chansung protected Liu Yan. Yes, that’s my boy.

In terms of playing games, as we already know Chansung is very athletic and super competitive. So it came as no surprise that he ended up winning most of the games. Liu Yan and Chansung had great teamwork skills throughout the second episode as a couple. Liu Yan always showed her concern for Chansung too throughout the show. In the behind the scenes interview, she was worried for Chansung because he was the only Korean member. She asked the staff and other members to take of him and not bully him. She’s so sweet. Liu Yan also asked Chansung if 2PM will have another concert tour in China soon and promised to treat him to Peking Duck. Chansung was already drooling by just the thought of it haha.

Anyways, you’ll have to watch the show yourself to know what I’ve been blabbering about. I’ve included the links to the episodes from their official channel below:

For those of you who need English subs, I’ve provided the links below courtesy of HottestColla6


One thought on “Fan-girl Ramblings #31 – Chansung and Liu Yan on Let’s Go Go Go!

  1. Just surfing google and bump to your website by accident when I search Liuyan. I think we all so excited about to see them reunion. They are still have great chemistry and care each other so naturally. I hope they will be friends forever. Just love to see them together and I think they really make each other become better person and like a shining star. ^_^

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