Hu Ge Enjoying the Nature in Australia

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve watch the epic historical drama Nirvana in Fire. I’ve missed seeing Hu Ge on-screen but thankfully this pictorial came out recently and we can just all swoon and drool at the beautiful photos. Your welcome. Advertisements

Park Hae Jin is Cool and Causal

Park Hae Jin is currently busy promoting Cheese in the Trap in China. I really loved the drama, the first half anyways but then the whole debacle with the behind-the-scenes drama made the actual drama into a complete mess in the latter half. It’s such a shame, it had so much potential to be a…

Yang Yang Looking Suave and Manly

I recently came across China’s current IT boy Yang Yang’s Bazaar Men’s pictorials and they’re too gorgeously drool-worthy not to share. I mean I would be doing a disservice for all the fan-girls out there, am I right? You’re welcome.