Korean Singer Hwang Chi Yeol is Blazing Hot In China

65d26b38gw1f2oasi6471j21kw10j10xI Am a Singer China season four just concluded it’s run this past Friday night. The crowned winner of the show was the singing goddess Coco Lee and very deserving of the win. The show does an amazing job of showcasing all the amazing and unique singers that Asia has to offer. Besides singers from China, there were singers who came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. Through the show I discovered many wonderful singers and one of my personal favorites is Korean singer Hwang Chi Yeol.

Hwang Chi Yeol was virtually unknown in China but after appearing on the show he’s has now become hottest Korean singer in the country! Chi Yeol literally overnight became a huge sensation in China and even he himself can’t believe the love that he’s been receiving. I became a huge fan of Chi Yeol, he’s such an incredible singer. I love his deep husky voice and he sings with so much emotional depth. My mom is also a huge fan of his and by the second episode, she predicted he’d place second place or might even win the show. He didn’t win but placed third place, which was pretty close to my mom’s prediction. Besides his amazing voice, his looks and charm definitely won over the audiences. This man gives out those finger hearts like it’s running water.

I had previously heard and read about Chi Yeol’s story through the news in Korea before he appeared on the show. He had debuted in 2007 and was active for about a year before his company went bankrupt. He then spent the rest of his time doing part time jobs and as a vocal coach for the next seven years. It wasn’t until last year in 2015 after appearing on the Korean music show I Can See Your Voice that he finally had a turning point in his career.

I find it so sad, that someone with a voice like his was virtually unknown for the last decade. Even though Chi Yeol only placed third on the show, but it’s no doubt it has elevated his career to astounding heights. Just being on the show is extremely great exposure. I personally discovered some great singers whom I never heard of like Lala Hsu and Wang Xin. Now that the show is over, I’m looking forward to Chi Yeol’s music career. I’m thinking he’ll probably end up releasing music or albums in Mandarin and Korean. When he sang Chinese songs on the show, I thought his pronunciation was really good. With his newfound fame in China, it definitely opens up doors to many more other opportunities that I don’t think he could have gotten in Korea. Congratulations and all the best Chi Yeol oppa, hwaiting!!

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