Refresh Man’s Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng Share Adorable Behind-the-Scenes Photos

12277634_256362354699858_722076551_nI’m currently watching the Taiwanese drama Refresh Man starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng. I’m enjoy it so far even though the story isn’t anything groundbreaking or very new. However, I for some reason enjoy Taiwan’s take on office/workplace dramas. This is probably the nth time Aaron is playing a CEO. Honestly I don’t care because I love seeing Aaron on-screen and he always has amazing chemistry with all his female co-stars (i.e. Puff Guo in Just You).

Aaron and Joanne play Ji Wen Kai and Zhong Yu Tang play a pair of frenemies who’ve known each other since childhood and always competed against each other. Yu Tang was always a top student in her while Wen Kai was a slacker who barely got by with mediocre grades. After graduating, Yu Tang lands a job at MUSE Cosmetics and works her way up into the secretarial department. Wen Kai worked odd jobs after his graduation and eventually went overseas to find work. Years later, MUSE is in a crisis and the company brings in Wen Kai as the new CEO to help the company turn around. So no big surprise that Yu Tang ends up being Wen Kai’s new secretary at his new job.

See, I told you nothing really new right? It’s cheesy at times and you have to sometimes throw logic out the door. It’s really the awesome chemistry between Aaron and Joanne that makes the drama fun to watch. I think it’s no surprise that Wen Kai has always liked Yu Tang since young. It’s fun to see him take out his petty revenge on her now that their statuses have reversed, he’s the boss and he can call the shots. Yu Tang has a lot of learning and growing up to do, so Wen Kai is the perfect person to help her career slump.

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