Yang Yang Looking Suave and Manly

6332d38fjw1f15k955uktj20qo1404bzI recently came across China’s current IT boy Yang Yang’s Bazaar Men’s pictorials and they’re too gorgeously drool-worthy not to share. I mean I would be doing a disservice for all the fan-girls out there, am I right? You’re welcome.

6332d38fjw1f15k977rtqj20qo10113w 6332d38fjw1f15k936tejj20qo106wl5 6332d38fgw1f2h6vatjguj212m1lxkba 6332d38fgw1f2h6vd5b9qj21kw11xwoy 6332d38fgw1f2h6v4dnevj21kw11xgta 6332d38fgw1f2h6v6niaxj211w1kuzyq 6332d38fgw1f2h6v8gmsij212m1lx4bk 6332d38fgw1f2ckbg24vhj20go0ntjtp 6332d38fgw1f2ey0gbh43j20ym1947h7

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