Hu Ge Enjoying the Nature in Australia

63548d94jw1f32zx0ec38j21jk1au4p3It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve watch the epic historical drama Nirvana in Fire. I’ve missed seeing Hu Ge on-screen but thankfully this pictorial came out recently and we can just all swoon and drool at the beautiful photos. Your welcome. 63548d94jw1f32zx3a0trj21d41jk4qp 63548d94jw1f32zx5num6j217p1jk1kx 63548d94jw1f32zx9be1oj217p1gc7wh 63548d94jw1f32zxfh1f3j217p1g87q7 63548d94jw1f32zxjxmq2j217p1jkkaa 63548d94jw1f32zwuztqfj20d90gvq7q 63548d94jw1f32zww3p3bj20d80gu44v 63548d94jw1f32zwx80b9j20da0gt43h


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