Drama Episodic Thoughts #2 – Prince of Wolf, Love At Seventeen, Uncontrollably Fond, W

wolfprincesmile1Prince of Wolf (Episode 3) – Aw so much sweetness in this episode but of course some WTF moments also came along. This doesn’t happen often, but I really dislike the second lead senior guy, he’s so annoying and not cute. In my head I’m like, “Just go away please.” Again with the questionable drama logic and writing, why on earth did Mi Mi tell the evil uncle where she lived and that Ze Ming is staying with them? I mean the way he asked all those questions was just plain sketchy. As I’ve said before, sometimes when watching a drama you need to turn a blind eye to these kind of things. Anyways, moving away from the negatives, can I just say how big of a sweetheart Ze Ming is? I just luff him to death, his character is very reminiscent of Song Joong Ki’s film A Werewolf Boy. Loved it when Mi Mi and Ze Ming bumped into each other on the street and he said he came down from the mountain because he missed her. I wasn’t expecting to cry so early on in the show, but I was bawling my eyes out during the scene when Ze Ming was eating rice and recalling his memories of his mother, who he believed abandoned him. Also I’m so glad to see Mi Mi’s family (minus the sister) was so accepting of him and allowed him to join their family.

Love At Seventeen (Episode 14) – This was an okay episode but I’m finally glad Lei Lei finally let down her ego to apologize to Ai Li Si. I love that Han Ming, despite being the second lead always looks out for Ai Li Si’s best interest and knows that he cannot change or affect Ai Li Si the way He Hao Yi does. He’s a true friend indeed. Also good on Hao Yi for figuring out Ai Li Si’s little act was just all an act and we didn’t have to wait for another episode for him to realize the truth.

W (Episode 1-2): Wow this drama is just WOW. I’m not even sure how to describe this drama. It’s so fresh and unique. Also super trippy!! It’s a mix of mystery, suspense, romance, melodrama and action all rolled into one. I’m not even sure how this other dimension operates as it’s a comic that’s being written itself as it goes along? And our heroine Han Hyo Joo has the ability to transported back and forth between the two worlds. So who exactly is the murderer and why does dad want to kill Lee Jong Suk, is really a monster? So many questions, I am just intrigued. Excuse my language but this drama is some next level sh!it (but I mean it in a super awesome way of course). Can’t wait to see more and the chemistry between our leads is on fire!

Uncontrollably Fond (Episode 5-6): This drama’s pacing is a bit slow too but I’m mainly sticking around for all the pretty. I’m not usually a fan of melodramas but still watching to see what happens. Joon Young’s (Kim Woo Bin) mother is awful and I’m waiting to find out that he’s dying, so she can regret how terrible she’s been treating her all this time. Also Joon Young’s concert confession to No Eul (Suzy) wow, I wasn’t expecting that. That’s like every fan girl’s dream. However it makes sense, since he has limited time, he’s like screw it, I’m going to do what I want. I feel so sad for ahjusshi Ji Tae (Im Joo Hwan) who really likes Eul but he doesn’t deserve to be with her because of his father. Sigh… so much melo.


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