Drama Episodic Thoughts #3 – Whirlwind Girl 2, Prince of Wolf, Love At Seventeen, Uncontrollably Fond, W

w04leejongsukPrince of Wolf (Episode 4) – Oh man, I wasn’t expecting to cry so much watching this drama, but I totally am pretty much almost every episode now. Ze Ming finally became accepted by the village and now has a place to call a home or family, it made me tear up so much. I also laughed out loud so hard when he was trying to skateboard and fly off the ramp, only for him to fall flat on his butt. That was hilarious but it didn’t take long for him to master the skill. He’s just so darn lovable. Also, he’s learning and adapting to modern life pretty quickly thanks to Mi Mi.

Love At Seventeen (Episode 5) – The finale was pretty underwhelming in my opinion but still a happy one nonetheless. It’s a happy ending for everyone which is as good as it gets I’d say. The drama just really dragged towards the end, which is why it felt   underwhelming because we’re all just waiting for a conclusion. Anyways not my fave Lego Li drama or character, his best is still In A Good Way in my opinion. However the drama made me become a fan of Edison Wang, I hope he gets a lead role one day and finally get the girl. Nikki Hsieh has the sweetest smile and I think she’s really good at acting. Look forward to hearing about their future projects.

W (Episode 3-4) – Holy shizzballs!! This drama is totally f***ing up my mind right now but in the most amazing way possible. I can’t even begin to imagine being told that my world isn’t real or that I am not real. Like OMFG! I seriously started to question my own existence in this world. But holy, Kang Chul is in the real world, the freakin REAL world? How is this even possible? This drama moves so fast and it’s only episode 4! What else is going to happen? My mind is seriously blown. Can’t wait for the new episodes!

Uncontrollably Fond (Episode 7-8) – This drama is such a slow burn, it’s not really all that addicting. It’s more of a drama to watch to fill in the gap while waiting for my other dramas to air. I have to admit though, even though both Woo Bin and Im Joo Wan’s character are both “undeserving” of Suzy, but I can’t but like Im Joo Wan more. Yes, I think I have a mild case of Second Lead Syndrome, however we all know he isn’t going to get the girl. Also I don’t really quite understand this love Joon Young has for Eul, they never had this passionate love or even officially dated in the past. So I don’t really blame Eul for thinking that his love confession is just all a joke.

Whirlwind Girl 2 – I starting watching this one recently and it’s not bad so far. I’ve been meaning to watch the first season but I never got around to it. Now I’m so sad that Yang Yang’s character Ruo Bai from season one is dead? No, that is so sad!! Like many others, I started watching it for Ji Chang Wook because it’s been way too long since I’ve seen him on screen since Healer. At the moment, I don’t really like his character and still getting used to his dubbed voice. I actually like the second lead Chen Xiang who I think is a doppelganger for Lee Jun Ki.


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