Drama Episodic Thoughts #4 – Far Away Love, KO One: Re-Member,Whirlwind Girl 2, Prince of Wolf, Uncontrollably Fond, W

wwg2jcwPrince of Wolf (Episode 5) – I laughed so hard during the hot spring scene when Ze Ming said he saw Mi Mi’s bare back and a bit of her butt. Oh my sweetheart honey boo, why are you so honest? Also, that uncle really needs to get his sh!t together, I mean anyone can tell something is really off about you. Guess the guilt is too much eh?

Uncontrollably Fond (Episodes 9-10) – I’m sorry, but I think I am going to drop this one. I really did try to hang on as long as I could but it’s just so slow and boring. I was never a fan of melodramas in the first place, so this was really pushing it for me. I’ll probably just end up either skimming through the remainder of the series or read summaries. I’m glad at least Joon Young’s mom  is finally going back to her son.

W (Episodes 5-6) – This drama seriously has no rules and it’s so scary but so thrilling at the same time. Everything just changes when I think I start to understand what I going on. It totally blows my mind. The writing is pure genius. I really do think Yeon Joo is the original creator of W, which is why she has the ultimate power to control the story and why she is the key to Kang Chul’s life.

Whirlwind Girl 2 (Episodes 9-12) – Coach Chang An finally smiled! Also, he’s slowly falling for Bai Cao eeee! I think this is what us Ji Chang Wook fans have been waiting forever for, to see him smile and give us that look, which always makes our heart skip a beat. I’m glad Bai Cao has finally accepted that Ruo Bai is gone and she can move on with her life again.

Far Away Love – I actually started watching this drama a while but put on hold for a bit. However, I recently picked it up again and I finished up to episode 27. It’s a pretty entertaining drama and a little bit more addictive than I originally thought it would be. Two of my fave characters are definitely Fei Fei (Liu Yu Xin) and Meng Xiang (Wu Lei). Park Hae Jin is really cute in this drama and definitely has chemistry with his leading actress Li Fei Er. Feelings are definitely there, but just waiting for that moment when they finally get together.

KO One: Re-Member (Episodes 1-4) – This is season 4 of the popular KO One series, for those who aren’t familiar with the show. I’m a little disappointed that some of my fave characters like Zhong Wan Jun (Sam Lin), Hua Ling Long (Brent/Ming Jie) and Yan Yan didn’t return. Well for Sam and Brent, it was most likely they because they were doing their army service when it was filmed. I hope they’ll make a return to the series if they continue with the series, at least they explained why all the previous characters didn’t return. Anyways, going back to the new season, is it just me but the quality and special effects is higher quality? As usual, there’s new interesting characters added and its pretty entertaining so far.


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