Drama Episodic Thoughts #6 – Cinderella and the Four Knights, Swimming Battle, W, Prince of Wolf

Cinderella02Cinderella and the Four Knights (Episodes 1-4) – The first two episodes started off promising and fun but last two episodes were pretty lack luster. I found myself zoning out a lot and even pausing many times during episodes 3-4 to do other things. Not a good sign. I’ve been looking forward to this drama for a while, mainly for the whole cast, whom I all really like: Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Park So Dam. Also it’s been a while since I’ve seen a F4*ish type of story and I thought this would be fun. I hope it gets better in the upcoming episodes. Also one thing that really annoys me about the drama or maybe just Kdramas in general, why is that everyone always has to be right up in someone’s face when trying to make a statement. Like dude, personal space please. I love Park So Dam’s character, she’s so spunky and I hope she remains that way throughout the drama instead of becoming all weak which happens far too often in dramaland. Also it’s so weird for me to say but I like Ahn Jae Hyun in this drama more than Jung Il Woo. It might change later, who knows. Gosh, I don’t want second lead syndrome again!!

Swimming Battle (Episodes 1-5) – I just started watching this one and it’s a cute watch so far. I enjoy watching sports related dramas every so often and this one seems like it will be a nice one. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama with Kingone Wang and it’s great to see him playing leading roles now. I like how Kingone’s character found his “mermaid princess” so quickly and he’s actively trying to find out why she has no memories of him. Mandy and him have great chemistry together as well. Also seeing the 4 hotties on the swim team shirtless is also a plus. *winks*

Prince of Wolf (Episode 7) – This is episode is just pure sweetness. Now I’m so afraid because when our OTP is together so early in the show, there’s bound to be heartbreaks and other bad things to come in the near future. I’m not looking forward to it. However, can I saw I swooned so hard when Ze Ming back hugged Mi Mi, he has such broad shoulders and muscular arms. I always love back hugs, it feels like you’re being protected.

W (Episodes 8-9) – I have to admit my love for the drama has definitely waned a bit, I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s too much crazy for me that my little brain simply can’t handle it, since the rules constantly change. Also the last part of episode 9 scared the crap out of me, the murderer now has Dad’s face, OMFG… I shouldn’t have watched it at night time. I also hate to admit this, I’m not that emotionally invested in our OTP, there’s just a little something that’s lacking for me and I haven’t pinpointed what it is. I’m still going to continue watching because I do want to know what’s going to happen in the end.

Side Note: You may have noticed some other dramas I’m currently watching wasn’t included in this post, it’s because I haven’t gotten a chance to watch them yet. I have to play catch up soon. Also there’s a bunch of new dramas coming out very soon too that I want to watch, gah too much! But it’s the kind of first world problem I like. I mean isn’t it better to have lots to watch, rather than nothing to watch at all and being bored?


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