Official Trailer for The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 Released

legendofthecondorheroes2017Oy, another remake? China is doing it again with another remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes. It’s my favorite story out of the Condor Trilogy by Gum Yung (Jin Yong), but I think they really need to stop making a million remakes of it. However, after watching the newly released trailer, I must say I’m quite impressed with the production quality. It looks really good and actually does make me want to watch it. I don’t think it will ever top my two favorite versions by Hu Ge and Ariel Lin (2008) and the 1994 version with Chilam Cheung and Athena Chu. Who knows it may change my mind, when 2008 version came out I was skeptical as I didn’t think anyone could replace the image of Kwok Jing and Yung Yee from my childhood. This story is very dear to me and it is my favorite in the wuxia genre. The cast is pretty unknown to me, besides Michael Miu who was in the first original Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983. Anyways, I look forward to checking out this new version and their take on such a classic story. Drama starts airing on January 9.

4 thoughts on “Official Trailer for The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 Released

  1. Actually the first original version is the
    1976 version starring Michelle Mai Shuet and Bai Bu. But sadly many have not seen that one as it is too old and is hard to find. Did you see the 83 version? That is actually my favorite version.

    • Oh yes you’re right. I actually didn’t even know about the 1976 version. I never got a chance to watch 83, I would like to. But it’s so hard to find old classic dramas these days.

      • I guess you are still very young if you have not seen the 83 version. But that version should not be hard to find at all. The 1976 version is the one that is hard to find because even I have not seen it yet. I have seen the 70s version for some other JY novels but not that one. What language do you watch series in? I have series in Chinese and Vietnamese. If you need help with the 83 version, let me know. It is very good and what a pity if you cannot see it.

    • Oh yes I watched 94 version on VHS when I was quite young with my parents. I think they did watch 83 back in the days but I never had access to watch it. I watched them in Cantonese, I’ll try looking online to see. Thanks for commenting! =)

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